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Homeowners seeking to spider-proof their properties may begin a quest to safeguard the home against a poisonous one. However, although these arachnids can be helpful to gardens, there are a couple that poses a risk. Want to know how to identify dangerous spiders in your Modesto home effectively? Reach out to our professional technicians at Insect IQ, Inc. for sound advice and a customized approach.

Two Types Of Spiders To Watch Out For In California

Nearly every type of spider is considered venomous, but this substance is only potent enough to harm its intended prey. Similarly, all varieties of this creature have fangs, but many of them don’t have the capability of piercing through human flesh. Luckily, there are only two kinds of spiders in Modesto considered dangerous to humans: the brown recluse and the black widow.

Brown recluse bites may be painful and can cause fever. While these bites may heal on their own, this venom can cause tissue to die, and that can lead to further complications. Black widow bites can also be quite painful and accompanied by an upset stomach, sweating, cramping, fever, and increased blood pressure. Proper medical care for spider bite victims is recommended to minimize discomfort.

Modesto Spider Identification 101

Before running off to the emergency room at any chance encounter, stay in the know by understanding how to determine which spiders could pose health risks. Learn how to effectively identify dangerous spiders in your Modesto home to avoid unnecessary distress.

  • Black Widow – The females of this species are almost unmistakable with their shiny, black bodies with a red or reddish-orange hourglass shape on their bellies. The lady widows are dangerous, as they will use their fangs to inject toxic venom if they feel threatened. Males are brown and orange but do not pose a danger to humans.
  • Brown Recluse – Isolated sightings are becoming more common in California. One of the most misidentified spiders, these eight-legged critters are less distinguishable than black widows. These venomous spiders are brown in color and feature a darker-colored fiddle-like shape on the abdomen.

Think It’s A Black Widow Or Brown Recluse Spider Bite?

Anyone bitten by a spider that they believe may be poisonous should seek prompt medical attention. If possible, gather the offending spider into a sealed bag to be correctly identified by a professional, and treatment can be rendered accordingly.

Spider Prevention Tips

Keeping this creepy crawler out of the home can be effective if done consistently. Use these deterrents:

  • Clean: Keep the home clean and tidy by vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and disinfecting. Declutter regularly. Remove any webs that appear in and around the house.
  • Control Food Sources: Taking care of pests that spiders like to eat can deter spiders from lingering. If spiders can’t find any yummy bugs to munch on then, they may hit the road.
  • Minimize Entry Points: Ensure window screens are in good repair and installed correctly. Use door sweeps and weatherstripping around doorways. Seal up potential pathways with caulk.
  • Practice Proper Storage Techniques: Store food in sealed canisters. Take household trash outside of the home frequently and dispose into a receptacle with a locking lid.

Seeking Spider Removal?

Still interested in how to effectively identify dangerous spiders in your Modesto home? While doing some independent research can’t hurt, the most effective way to accurately safeguard the home against potentially toxic pests is to seek help from experts. Our technicians at Insect IQ, Inc. pride ourselves in the efficient and safe removal of all types of pests, including dangerous spiders. Contact our family-owned business for professional pest service in Modesto.

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