The inside of a food processing plant

Food processing facilities must regularly pass rigorous inspections. Here in Modesto CA, one sure way to fail an inspection is an active pest infestation. A failed inspection can lead to shutdowns, food recalls, reduced employee morale, and cost you lots of money. That’s why professional pest control for food processing facilities is crucial.

A professional exterminator — like the trusted pest control experts at Insect IQ — can help you get ahead and stay ahead of pest problems. We’ll quickly and discreetly eliminate infestations and work with you on preventative maintenance so it won’t happen again.

Problems Caused by Pests in Food Processing Facilities

Food processing facilities tend to attract pests because they can be a rich source of food and moisture. Rodents, cockroaches, flies, ants and pantry pests << add links >> like weevils and grain beetles are among the pests we deal with most often at food processing facilities.

If you see signs of any of these pests at your facility, give our friendly exterminators a call right away. The potential dangers of a pest infestation in a food processing facility are considerable:

  • Pests track in food-borne illnesses and disease
  • Scratching and biting can result in damage to buildings, wiring, fixtures, and machinery–especially when it’s rodents you’re dealing with
  • Contaminated food can be transported out before anyone notices the problem, leaving you with an expensive and embarrassing recall
  • Increased maintenance costs due to frequent pest cleanup

Applying Pest Control Treatment in a Food Processing Facility

Insect IQ has been working with Modesto CA food processing facilities since 2003. Our pest control system ensures pest-free* productivity and is based on our five-point process:

  1. A thorough property inspection of the food processing plant and surrounding grounds
  2. Identification of pests, locating the source of the infestations, and any conditions that may be attracting them
  3. Developing a food processing pest control plan that suits your needs and adheres to any regulatory requirements
  4. Proper sealing of entry points and/or exclusion efforts to control sources of the infestation and prevent pests from coming inside in the future
  5. Ongoing visits from a team committed to surpassing your expectations

We’ll Solve Your Pest Problem—QUICK!

Pests at your food processing facility don’t have to be a major problem. In fact, when you work with the trusted pest control technicians at Insect IQ, it won’t be. We’ll take care of the problem quickly and effectively–and then we’ll work with you on ways to prevent the problem from coming back.

Got an inspection coming up? Call us today to schedule a preemptive inspection. We’ll make sure there are no surprises.

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