Mormon Cricket in dirt | invasive pest in Modesto CA

You may have heard on the news about large-scale infestations of Mormon crickets in parts of Nevada. These pests have become increasingly problematic as humans have begun expanding and building homes in traditional Mormon cricket territory. While they are currently making news for their massive infestations, these pests have been plaguing humans for hundreds of years. Most notably is where these pests received their name – when they invaded Brigham Young’s settlement in 1847.

What Are Mormon Crickets?

Mormon crickets may look like large, flightless crickets, but they are actually members of the katydid family. Their large size and dark brown to grey coloring make them easily distinguishable from regular crickets. They will travel in groups containing millions of katydids, migrating anywhere from 25 to 50 miles during a season, often wreaking havoc on vegetation and towns along the way.

Outbreaks of Mormon crickets usually happen in times of drought and can last for anywhere from 5 to 21 years. Their eggs will often lay in dormancy for up to 11 years, waiting until conditions are right for them to emerge.

Are Mormon Crickets Dangerous?

While Mormon crickets do not bite or sting humans, the impact of a Mormon cricket infestation can be devastating. As they migrate, slowly traveling in large formations, they consume and destroy local vegetation and crops, potentially costing farmers millions. Additionally, these pests pose a risk to drivers in areas with severe infestations. They will cover roads and will get smashed by passing cars, creating an extremely slick coating over the road. Local road departments work tirelessly to sand and gravel roads in these areas, keeping driving conditions safe for travelers.

Are There Mormon Crickets in Modesto, CA?

Severe Mormon cricket invasions have been mostly isolated to northern Nevada, southern Idaho and Utah, usually in areas of open sagebrush and grasslands. Even though there has not been a Mormon cricket infestation in our area, it is important to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to prevent pests around your home and business and preserve our thriving agricultural industry.

Outsmart Pests with Insect IQ

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