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Professional Pest Control Services For Oakdale, California Properties

When you have to deal with mice, insects, spiders, or rats on your Oakdale property, life can become stressful and frustrating. Dealing with pests can leave you exhausted and drained, which is why Insect IQ is here to take care of each and every pest need you may have. No more mice scurrying through your office space or insects crawling into your kitchen food items. With the professional help you’ll get from the field service technicians here at Insect IQ, you can say goodbye to the pest problems that were on your mind.

When you partner with Insect IQ, you team up with a group of hard-working professionals whose goal is to help. We have made a name for ourselves by offering top-of-the-line treatments and providing only the best customer service. To head into a future without pest problems, partner with a trusted pest control provider like Insect IQ.

Home Pest Control In Oakdale, CA

A small house in a residential area - Insect IQ pest control in Modesto, CA

Avoid allowing pests to bug you this year by implementing a comprehensive home pest control plan to keep your attics free of rodents and your closets rid of spiders. There’s no better pest control plan than the one you’ll get when you have help from the trusted pest experts here at Insect IQ. Our technicians have the skills needed to ensure your Oakdale home remains pest free all year long, at an affordable price. We provide you with the best service we possibly can. We go above and beyond your expectations by not only providing pest services for the inside of your home but for the outside of your home, as well! Our experts here at Insect IQ will clean away spider webs, knock down wasps nests, and implement our flea and tick control treatments. We provide the typical foundation spray you’d get from other pest control providers, too. We promise to keep your home free of pests in an affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient way. Insect IQ is the smart choice for homeowners!

Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs In Oakdale, CA

The nasty and irritating insects known as bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that require warm-blooded hosts in order to survive. Unfortunately, humans are often the target hosts for these apple seed-sized parasites. They will do everything they can to spread from home to home and feed on our blood. When it comes to ways you can remove bed bugs from your Oakdale home or business, there’s not much you can do on your own.

However, you can take a few steps to avoid bringing them onto your property:

  • Avoid staying in locations where you know bed bugs are present. If you enter a hotel, ask for a new room if you notice signs of bed bugs, or go to a different hotel.
  • Public spaces often have a large potential for bed bugs because of the many individuals passing through them. Some of those individuals come from homes or office spaces infested with bed bugs, which they can then carry into public spaces. Avoid setting your belongings or bags down in public spaces where bed bugs could be hiding.
  • If you can, avoid bringing belongings you traveled with into your home or business until you can have those items washed and dried on a high heat setting; always inspect your luggage for tiny, white, bed bug eggs and live bed bugs before you enter your home or workplace.

To help prevent bed bugs from spreading, contact Insect IQ if you see any signs of bed bugs living in your Oakdale residential or commercial facility.

Commercial Pest Control In Oakdale, CA

At Insect IQ, we understand how bad pests can be for the reputation of a commercial industry. We provide services such as Integrated Pest Management for businesses that want a pest control service that is long-lasting and effective. Additionally, you can have a pest treatment program that is 100% organic if you want to keep your business pest free as well as eco-friendly. If your office space, restaurant, or healthcare facility is in need of a high quality and affordable commercial pest control plan, then Insect IQ is perfect for you! We will customize a pest solution to fit the needs of your business. Our service technicians make it their goal to ensure you and your customers have the best experience possible. Make sure your Oakdale company stays pest free and keeps a good reputation by partnering with Insect IQ!

Problems Rats Can Cause In Oakdale, CA

Rats can sometimes be quite frightening to find in your home or business, and not just because of their large size and wild nature. Rats are rodent pests that get into homes all throughout the year, but they are especially prone to invade in fall and winter once the weather gets a little bit cooler.

Having rats in your home or business can bring more issues than anyone should ever have to deal with. Rats chew on things to wear down their ever-growing teeth. This chewing can ruin furniture, piping, and wiring. Damaged property can be infuriating as well as create a danger for those within your residential or commercial building. Additionally, rats can bring many diseases, bacteria, and parasites into the buildings they infest, which may lead to several health concerns. Insect IQ is the right pest control service for you if you’d like to keep rats out of your Oakdale home or business in an affordable and effective way! Reach out to us at Insect IQ and get the quality pest control you deserve!

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