black widow spider in Modesto

Black widows have a reputation that precedes them. In fact, these spiders are so feared that almost everyone in Modesto knows to look out for them. But you should do more than just be wary of black widows. If you don’t want to be in danger of experiencing a spider bite, you should make an effort to keep black widows away from your home.

Why Are Black Widows So Dangerous?
Black widows aren’t like most spiders in Modesto. If you come across a house spider or daddy long leg, you don’t need to worry. These spiders don’t pose any threat to you. However, a black widow is one of the most dangerous spiders in the United States. It has a potent venom capable of killing a human.

With that said, black widows aren’t particularly aggressive. They don’t look for humans and try to bite them for no reason. Rather, the females only bite when they perceive a threat. If you accidentally touch a web or step on the spider, you could become a victim. The bite demands immediate medical attention.

So, if you find a black spider with a red hourglass on it, you could be looking at a black widow. The males don’t have this marking, which makes them harder to identify. But be vigilant and avoid disturbing a black widow. You’re most likely to find this spider in your garage, shed, or basement. Typically, they prefer to be away from people.

Getting Rid Of Black Widows
If you find one black widow on your property, you could find more. It’s essential to eliminate the spiders and protect yourself and your family from a nasty bite. But removing black widows from your home is no easy task.

The best thing for you to do is to take steps to prevent black widows from coming onto your property. As part of your arachnid prevention, do the following:

Keep Other Pests Out: If you don’t have other insects in your home, black widows won’t want to come inside. They feed on common house pests in Modesto, which is why they might be in your home. To keep other pests out, try to clean your floors and tables regularly. Store your garbage in lidded receptacles and take out the trash before it overflows.

Remove The Clutter: When a home has clutter, it has hiding places for cockroaches and other pests. You can make your home less of a target by limiting the clutter. If necessary, keep your extra belongings in a storage facility.

Seal Entrances: You may be able to keep black widows outside by sealing up your home. Use door sweeps where necessary and caulk around your windows. If you have a shed in your yard, take extra measures to seal it up.

Store Firewood Away From Your Buildings: Black widows often live in piles of firewood. Unless you want to deal with these arachnids, keep your piles of wood far from your structures.

Work With A Seasoned Professional
It could be too late for you to keep black widows away. If this is the case, don’t try to handle the infestation on your own. You could end up hurting yourself and prolonging the problem. Here at Insect IQ, we know how to safely handle black widow infestations. We only hire technicians who have the experience needed to get you results.

When your safety is on the line, trust us to help. For years, we have been providing home pest control and commercial pest control services to Modesto home and business owners. Whether you need black widow removal or another type of pest prevention, reach out to us for help. We’re here for you.

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