Bed Bug feces on a hotel mattress

When traveling for business or pleasure, it’s nice to know accommodations are free of bugs. Unfortunately, that situation is not always the case. Uttering, “help me keep bed bugs out of my Modesto hotel” can be a clear red flag. Our qualified technicians at Insect IQ, Inc. can end bed bug fears so clients can relax and unwind in their temporary digs.

Modesto Hotels & Bed Bugs = Trouble

Bed bugs aren’t afraid of travel; they embrace it, and that’s primarily the problem. A hotel temporarily houses people from all over continuously, so the combination of many people converging into a centralized location can be the perfect storm.

Every single lodger under the same roof could be unsuspectingly carrying bed bugs on their luggage or clothing. If only a few of these bugs safely make the trip to California and hop off in a Modesto hotel, there could easily be an infestation. These types of establishments where people come and go frequently are most susceptible to bed bug invasions simply because these pests are highly mobile.

Handling Bed Bugs In Hotels

Learning how to spot these pests and protect oneself against them can give guests peace of mind.

  • How To Spot A Bed Bug Problem – Probably the last thing a weary traveler wants to do after arriving is to check the room out thoroughly, but it is a necessary step. Before unpacking, go on a search for definitive signs. Look for bed bugs, eggs, molted skins, and dark fecal spots.
  • Where To Look For Hotel Bed Bugs – Carefully pull bedding back to expose the mattress and foundation. Inspect the folds of the mattress itself. Next check upholstered furniture, headboard, curtains, and carpeted areas near baseboards.
  • How To Stop The Spread – If anything resembling evidence of a bed bug is found, immediately change to a faraway room and if need be, the hotel altogether—still, concerned? Keep all luggage off the floor. Upon returning home, launder-packed clothes in hot water, then dry them on high heat to kill bugs. Smaller at-risk items can be frozen or exposed to high heat in the dryer as well.

Expert Tip: There are several bed bug travel sprays and aids marketed to consumers. The primary purpose that these products serve is to give travelers a false sense of security. They make you believe that you will be protected by spraying a magical potion to expel bed bugs. The actual route to avoiding these pests when traveling is to patronize bed bug-free establishments.

Solving Bed Bug Problems

Sometimes it’s hotel owners and managers who yell, “Help me keep bed bugs out of my Modesto hotel!” The last thing any establishment needs is anyone learning of a bed bug infestation due to the enormous stigma attached that will invariably cause a loss of business. Social media photos and travel site reviews featuring this pest can ruin an otherwise promising season.

The safe and effective handling of a bed bug infestation is critical to a hotel’s success. Prompt attention to such matters is of utmost importance as peoples’ health, jobs, and reputations are on the line. Whether housekeepers, guests, managers, owners, or janitors discover bed bugs, taking action is the best step towards eradication.

Bed Bug Help

It’s evident that serious help is needed to get rid of bed bugs. Who can help me keep bed bugs out of my Modesto hotel at the first sign of trouble? Look no further than Insect IQ; our specially trained technicians can properly diagnose, identify, and treat bed bug problems for good.

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