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Trustworthy Pest Control For Homes and Businesses in Escalon, California

When you want a pest control service that cares about the needs of your home or business property, looking at the most trusted pest control services available should be the first thing on your to-do list. Insect IQ is a pest control service that provides the most advanced treatments and the highest quality service to the residents of Escalon, California.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by exceeding expectations and making a choice to pay attention to all the details of the pest issues our customers are facing. Our high standards have led to Insect IQ being one of the most trusted pest control service providers in our service area. We have been establishing our standards of great service and customer satisfaction since 2003. We will proudly continue to provide that service to the people of Escalon, California, for years to come!

Home Pest Control Solutions

A purple house in a residential area - Insect IQ pest control in Modesto, CA

Insect IQ is the smart choice for homeowners because we have a large variety of pest control options, along with advanced forms of identification and treatment. With our home pest control programs, you can rest easy knowing that the licensed pest technicians here at Insect IQ have you covered. Spiders, cockroaches, and rats, as well as several other home-invading pests, are all pests that we are familiar with treating and removing from homes.

We believe that smart pest control should follow a direct approach to treating homes afflicted with pest problems. That approach is to inspect, identify, and treat, and in that order! The best way to keep annoying pests from damaging your home or being a threat to your health is to have a home pest control plan that you can trust to get the job done. With Insect IQ, you get a pest control service that will make sure the job is done correctly every single time.

Problems Mice Can Cause For Escalon, CA Residents

It’s common knowledge that seeing a mouse inside your home or business can be startling or even frightening for some people. After all, that’s why everyone jumps on top of furniture in movies and TV shows, right? Why, exactly, are mice a problem for homes and businesses? As rodents, mice must chew on things constantly to ensure that their front teeth do not grow too long. Unfortunately, when mice come onto your property, the things they want to chew on are not usually beneficial or safe for you. Mice chew on furniture, pipes, electrical wiring systems, and structural beams inside your walls. This chewing can be annoying, and sometimes downright dangerous. A chewed up coffee table leg may be mildly frustrating. However, if a mouse gnaws through a major pipe or wire inside your home or business, you could experience flooding or fire hazards.

Mice often bring disease, parasites, and bacteria into the areas they invade. This is a huge health concern for you and your family or customers. Insect IQ knows how frustrating it can be to deal with rodents like mice. We offer both commercial and residential rodent control options to help you keep rodents out.

Commercial Pest Control In Escalon, CA

Having pests in a business is a straight path to failure, either in the sense of seeing a major loss in the revenue of your company, or the complete shut down of your business. Neither of those scenarios is something any business owner wants to face. With Insect IQ as your partnered pest control service, you will never need to worry!

At Insect IQ, we provide businesses with a variety of eco-friendly commercial service treatments. Our Integrated Pest Management Program is just what any business owner needs to ensure their company is completely protected from all sorts of pests, including:

Don’t let pests be the reason your business is shut down – partner with the hard-working team of pest professionals here at Insect IQ and keep all pests out the smart way!

Tips For Avoiding Oriental Cockroaches In Escalon, CA

Nobody likes cockroaches on their property. Whether you’re young, old, tall, or short, cockroaches are unappealing and unappetizing insects. No one wants to deal with these pests. Homes infested with Oriental cockroaches keep friends away, while businesses experiencing an Oriental cockroach presence pushes potential customers away.

Your best bet to keep people frequenting your home or business is to understand how to avoid the troubles Oriental cockroaches bring:

  • Eliminate moisture on your property. Repair faucets and pipes that leak, and get any water-damaged areas of your home properly treated or replaced.
  • Food is a major attractant for cockroaches. Clean up spilled crumbs and store food items in airtight containers to attract fewer cockroaches to your property.
  • Install door sweeps and properly seal utility openings to provide fewer areas where cockroaches are likely to be able to invade.

The best way to keep Oriental cockroaches out is to reach out to the certified pest experts here at Insect IQ. No matter what season it is, and no matter which pest you’re dealing with, we want to help. Contact us at Insect IQ to learn how we provide our customers with the highest quality service possible, or to schedule a free inspection.

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