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All pests have a way of getting on people’s nerves. (That’s why they’re called pests.) Some, however, are much better at this than others. One example is the mouse. This invasive rodent is not just persistent; it is also a huge threat to health, sanity, and property. If you cannot seem to get and keep these rodents out of your Modesto home, we are here today to help. Here is everything you need to know about mice and some strategies to control them.

Why Mice Invade Homes
Scavenging for food, finding shelter, and staying hydrated are difficult things to do out in the wild, especially for creatures as small and vulnerable as mice. Finding these three things indoors, however, is much easier. Trash cans, pantries, and cabinets are filled with accessible food. Sinks, bathtubs, and laundry rooms provide water to drink. Finally, wall voids, storage areas, and clutter give mice places to hide. All these pests need is to get inside to find out how awesome your home is.

How Mice Get Indoors
If your home is more than ten years old, there is a good chance that damage has occurred that might allow mice ways to get indoors. We recommend taking a look at your exterior foundation, window/door screens, and your home’s siding for this damage. Mice might also find their way indoors through open windows and doors or utility piping like sewer lines. There have even been records of mice hiding inside Christmas decorations and other storage boxes, then being carried indoors.

Some Strategies To Remove Mice
The faster you react to a mouse infestation, the better luck you will have in eliminating these pests. That said, the second you suspect there is a problem, here is a list of steps you should take.

Thoroughly clean your living areas. Use protective gear to guard yourself against diseases found in rodent fecal droppings.

Be mindful not to leave any food or drinks out in accessible locations.

Repackage all of your food that is stored in cardboard or plastic bags into tough plastic, metal, or glass containers.

Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed and rodent-proof.

Clean out your pet’s food and water bowls before going to bed at night.

Place mouse traps baited with peanut butter around areas you think mice are traveling.

Dispose of dead mice carefully using safety equipment to avoid contact.

When Should You Call A Professional?
Mice are rapid breeders and are very intelligent. It is not uncommon for these pests to consume bait without being harmed by store-bought traps. If you have tried to handle an infestation on your own or would like a faster, more effective solution to these pests, get in touch with the professionals at Insect IQ, Inc. We will send a friendly technician your way who will use advanced rodent control methods and equipment to handle your properties infestation.

What To Do After You Get Mice Out
There are many things you can do to reduce your chances of finding mice inside your home after getting them out. Most methods involve reducing moisture build-up, addressing food attractants, and sealing off points of entry. This takes time, effort, and a bit of money. If you don’t have the time or energy to prevent rodents on your own, let our team help you out. Insect IQ, Inc offers rodent control options to guard your home against these invasive pests.

Call our team today to discuss your home pest control options and find a solution that best fits you and your Modesto, CA home’s needs.

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