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Reliable Pest Control Solutions For Riverbank, California Residents

No matter if you own a one-bedroom home, a sixteen-bedroom mansion, a small business on a street corner, or a massive skyscraper, pest control is valuable, and precisely why Insect IQ got into the business over a decade ago. We have a passion for helping people and doing the job right, and that’s exactly why we do what we do here in Riverbank, California. Give Insect IQ a call and let us earn your trust!

Home Pest Control In Riverbank, CA

A cozy blue house in a residential area - Insect IQ pest control in Modesto, CA

When you buy a house, it’s almost impossible not to feel a deep need to protect it. Your home should be a place to enjoy life, not a place to worry about pests. This is why Insect IQ covers the Riverbank area. It is our promise to provide quality home pest control to as many homes as we can. The more freedom we can bring to homeowners, the better.

If quality pest control is something you are after for you Riverbank home, consider choosing Insect IQ. We’re here for you!

How Dangerous Are Black Widow Spiders In Riverbank, CA

Oftentimes, when we hear about black widow spiders, it can be hard to know what to think. Sometimes it may even seem like all of the horror stories are nothing more than wives tales. Unless you have personally heard stories or have been bitten yourself, it can be hard to tell what’s true. We want to make it clear – black widows are extremely dangerous. It may not seem so by their size, but their tiny bite packs quite a bit of pain. Not only are their bites painful, but there is a list of side effects that are likely to follow including nausea, chills, sweating, weakness, fever, difficulty breathing, severe increase in blood pressure, and headaches. The last thing we want is for a black widow to catch you off guard. The good news is we offer top-of-the-line spider control designed to keep out all spiders – not just black widows!

Commercial Pest Control In Riverbank, CA

When you run a business, one of the hidden secrets to success is keeping your establishment pest-free*. It’s not something customers often think about when they walk through your front door, but it is definitely one of the biggest things keeping them from running back out. When pests invade your business, they bring a number of problems with them:

  • Cockroaches run over food preparation areas.
  • Mice bring in general filth and scare away customers.
  • Pest bird can fly into pieces of heavy machinery which costs several thousand dollars.

Every business needs pest control. But you don’t need just any pest control, you need Insect IQ. When we protect businesses from pest pressures, we do it right. If high-quality commercial pest control is something you want for your business, consider calling and talking to one of our representatives to learn more.

Tips To Avoid Flea Infestations In Riverbank, CA

Fleas can be a nightmare when they infect your home. DIY treatments fall short, pets itch and scratch, and no matter what we do, they always seem to come back stronger. It is always best to remain vigilant and start fighting fleas before they make their way inside. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Trim vegetation around your home. The fewer places for fleas to hide the better.
  • Remove excess debris. This will not only deter fleas but the animals they often piggyback on into your yards, as well.
  • Make sure you use veterinarian-prescribed flea control products on your pets. This is especially important as, the majority of the time, fleas are brought in by our pests.
  • Consider installing a perimeter fence around your yard to keep out wildlife that may be carrying fleas.
  • There is no better way to keep fleas off your property than to partner with the company that knows all the tricks of the trade. Contact the professionals here at Insect IQ!

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