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When temperatures begin dropping, it’s a sign that summer is on its way out and you can finally stop blasting the air conditioner at full power. It’s also a sign that new (old) pests are making themselves known again. Perhaps the most frustrating of them all are they mice that decide they want to make your Modesto house their home.

While this alone is enough to make them a nuisance, the truth is their impact goes far beyond that status. Mice have an actual need to chew everything to keep their teeth from growing too large. This translates to significant property damage over time. To make matters worse, mice also transmit a range of diseases and health issues including but not limited to salmonella, bubonic plague, allergies, and a lot more.

Mice have a reputation for their ability to reproduce rapidly and adapt to their conditions. That’s why so many homeowners actively seek to control the rodent population in their Modesto home with mousetraps.

Exploring Mousetraps
There are some obvious things you can do to make your home less inviting such as removing easy access to food and water or plugging up holes. However, that doesn’t eliminate an existing infestation. This is where mousetraps come into play. Originally, they started out rather simple, but thanks to technology some traps have gotten pretty fancy. The most common traps available are:

Snap traps: This is the most common type available. The trap works by utilizing a quick trigger system to catch the mouse. While there are variations such as the bar or clam trap, the end result is a quick death. They can indeed be difficult to set, but they’re cheap and reusable.

Hidden kill snap trap: This version has a baited switch at the end to lure the mouse. After the mouse has entered the chamber with the baited switch, the snap mechanism kills the mouse, much like with a bar trap. However, you won’t have to see the dead mouse.

Electric traps: This version kills by delivering a quick, fatal electric shock. Fortunately, this trap has no-touch, no-see disposal. Plus, the design protects humans and pets from shocks. The trap is larger than others and runs on batteries. As such, they are more expensive.

Live catch traps: Some homeowners don’t want to kill the mice, but still want them removed. That’s why companies have designed a mouse-sized live catch trap to satisfy this objective. They’re relatively easy to use and are effective. However, since the mice are still alive, it’s important to dispose of them a minimum of three miles from the house if you don’t want them to return.

Traps Are Only So Effective
The main pitfall that homeowners fall into when using mousetraps is believing they are neutralizing the problem. Sure, when you purchase and use mouse traps, you eliminate some mice. However, there are some compelling reasons why this is a limited success:

They avoid threats: Mice and other rodents are practically paranoid. As such, they naturally avoid many types of mousetraps. For this reason, you must buy the right ones to have a chance.

Proper location: The traps need to be in the right place. Mice have behaviors and habits you need to understand to trap them properly. For example, they stick to the walls usually, which means a trap in the middle of the room isn’t going to be very successful.

Underestimating the enemy: Mice are smart and wary of everything. This means they don’t accept food blindly without paying attention to their surroundings, and they are incredibly nimble. As such, they can remove the bait without triggering the trap.

False success: By far, the biggest reason why traps only work so well. You may catch a mouse or even three, but that number of mice pales in comparison to the entire population that invades. Mice reproduce rapidly, which means that you’re always playing catch up instead of getting ahead of the problem when using mousetraps.

Doesn’t treat the problem: Mousetraps don’t address the problem of mice getting inside in the first place. Maybe you eliminated every existing mouse. Does it mean others won’t come? No, it doesn’t.

Keep the Mice Away with Insect IQ, Inc.
When it comes to rodent control, you need a team of professionals that know and understand mice behaviors. More importantly, you need a team that will address the problems instead of just the symptoms. That’s why at Insect IQ, Inc. we provide customizable treatment plans and thorough follow-up inspections to ensure you never have a mouse problem again.

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