carpenter ants crawling in a home

They may be some of the wiser characters in Aesop’s Fables, but take our advice: you don’t want this insect armada anywhere close to your Modesto home. You have probably become fairly used to the heavy ant populations in the Modesto area.

The most common species that roam our backyards include the following:

Carpenter Ants
Fire Ants
Crazy Ants
Pavement Ants
Pharaoh Ants
Three-body segments, black, red, and yellow color patterns, and a set of six tiny legs clearly define the physical appearances of the above species. At the end of the day, the dangers associated with ants are entirely dependent on the species in question. Some species are dangerous, most are simply nuisances, and none of them will be welcome invaders in your safe Modesto home. It goes without saying that these aggravating pests must be kept out of the home at all costs!

How These Tricks May Mitigate Ant Infestations For Modesto Homeowners
Ants are some of the most numerous and annoying pests in Modesto, but that doesn’t mean homeowners have to let their numbers increase without a fight. Here are some tips that you can do in your home or business to reduce ant attractant factors:

Store food and trash items in carefully sealed bins. Make sure to package all items in strong, heavy containers in temperature controlled environments.
Clean up food messes as soon as they are made. This includes outdoor spills or crumbs, especially those containing soda or other sweets.
Reduce the humidity levels by using a heavy-duty dehumidifier.
Have a pest control representative address additional concerns in your lawn that may be unique to your specific situation.
Need More Structural Advice Against Pesky Ants?
Check out the following tips that deter ants from infiltrating both residential and commercial business structures:

Check door and window screens for punctures and tears in the material
Look for cracks, gaps, and fractures forming in the building, especially those that could let small creatures indoors
Check door sweeps for signs of damage, or unintentional insect entry points
Do not allow brush or greenery to come too close to the sides of the building
Cut, trim, and prune all plants as necessary
Still need a little more help? Cut to the chase and get help right where you’re at by scheduling a home inspection through Insect IQ today.

Avoiding The Ant Army With Insect IQ
If there’s one thing we do know about ant activity here in Modesto, it’s that these tiny buggers just aren’t going away. While they may be less active during cooler winter months or even undetectable in the home, ant colonies never truly experience a substantial hibernation period. What does this mean for Modesto homeowners? If your prevention methods and home remedies fail to keep away the ant armies this fall, it’s time to consider alternative options.

In fact, the best form of both ant prevention and infestation relief would be to contact the ant professionals at Insect IQ right away. A family owned and operated pest elimination company, Insect IQ is dedicated to protecting residential homes and families from fire ants, carpenter ants, and other species colonizing too close to home. Friendly service technicians and knowledgeable staff members are proud to protect the places and people they love every single day.

Call Insect IQ today to discover all the ways we can safely remove or prevent residential ant infestations. Our online messaging app allows us to instantly communicate with you, helping us to answer pressing questions and so much more. Our team is proud to go above and beyond normal pest control treatments with every visit we make. See for yourself by reaching out to Insect IQ today! Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

Simple Yet Effective Ant Control Tips For Modesto Homeowners Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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