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Mice are just one of many pests that call Modesto home. However, while they may live in houses with their loving families, these local pests are nothing like the real residents of Modesto.

House mice have quite the reputation, especially as one of the most common Modesto pest invaders in history. About 3-4 inches in size, these rodents often appear in color patterns of grey, tan, and dark brown. Their large ears, hairy tails, and sleek fur are often characteristic enough for homeowners to easily distinguish their presence in a home from other rodent invaders such as rats.

House mice are more than just a little dangerous, spreading diseases, contaminating food items, and chewing through walls and insulation panels wherever they go. Even the things they leave behind, like waste and carrion, can make you sick: dangerous hantavirus droplets may be carried to an unassuming victim through even the tiniest water droplets.

With a body size no more than a few inches in length, house mice appear to be no big deal to most homeowners. So why can’t you seem to get them out of your compromised Modesto home? The answer is a lot more nuanced than you might think.

Modesto Mice: Why They Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

There is an important distinction between mice and other types of household pest infestations: mice do it faster, harder, and much more aggressively. These creatures are capable of infiltrating compromised homes in the blink of an eye, establishing nests and brooding spaces for their young within a matter of weeks.

There are three primary reasons why Modesto mice are so hard to eliminate.

1. Mice have a prolific nature that is difficult to manage, especially with infestations that have continued for months. Adult mice gestate every 21 days, and are able to produce broods up to 10 times every year.

2. Mice can slip through even the tiniest of holes, making use of the small cracks and crevices forming about the home. Scientists have discovered that mice can fit through holes the size of a dime. That is an extraordinarily small space!

3. Mice are extremely intelligent, and are considered to be the smartest laboratory test animal apart from chimpanzees. While your home traps and over the counter solutions may eliminate a portion of their population, they will never get the entire infestation. Over time, mice will learn, adapt, and begin to completely avoid your traps.

Concerned that mice may have already broken into your once-safe Modesto home? Stop worrying and start confirming with inspection services at Insect IQ now.

Mice Giving You Trouble? Don’t Let It Double – Get Insect IQ
While some prevention steps and household mitigation techniques can keep mice out, they certainly are not enough to remove a rodent infestation once established. Mice settle into a home fast, and reproduce even more quickly. Unless they are addressed with swift, decisive action, they may become absolute terrors in your once safe Modesto home.

For total mouse and rodent control, contact the professional team at Insect IQ right away. As a family-owned and operated local business, Insect IQ knows how difficult mouse prevention can be. We boast nearly 20 years of professional rodent control services, from Modesto businesses and warehouses to homes and personal residences. We know our stuff, and we like to show it off even more by providing comprehensive mouse inspections, treatment and elimination services, and follow up visits. We’d be happy to remove the root of your rodent problem as soon as possible.

Don’t go through the fear and guilt of rodent infestations alone. Instead, contact the mice mitigators at Insect IQ today! Our team is prepared to develop your customized service plan at any time and through any medium. Simply call, click, or visit with us today to confirm the best pest control choice for your family.

Why Can’t I Get These Mice Out Of My Modesto Home? Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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