cellar spiders on the ceiling in a Modesto home

There are two ways that people notice spider webs. The first is by observing them from a distance. The other is by walking through them face first. Anyone who has spent time outdoors knows exactly what we are talking about. Spiders are great for keeping down insect populations outdoors. They are also a serious problem for homeowners around Modesto. The question is, what should you be doing about the webs around your property? Here are some things to consider.

Do Webs Mean Spiders?
There are many types of webs that spiders construct. Some are intricate and show off incredible patterns; others are irregular and cover large areas. One question we are regularly asked about spider webs is, does it mean there is a spider nearby? The truth is, it is rare for a spider to build a nest and then abandon it. Even if there is no visible spider on it, chances are there is one nearby. Many species do not sit on their web but instead will hide just out of view until they catch some prey.

Where Spiders Build Their Webs
Where a spider builds its web depends on a few factors. Most spiders will build in areas that are out of the way of people but in the way of insects. Inside your home, you are likely to find webs in the corners of door frames and wall intersections. Outside spiders build webs between trees, in the eaves of homes, and on plant growth. You should know that some species of spiders are social and will work together to build larger, sprawling webs.

How To Safely Dispose Of Webs
There is a right way and a wrong way to remove spider webs. The safest way is to call in a professional. However, if you have some time on your hands and a long broom, you can remove webs on your own. To do this, take a long broom and gently brush it across webs around your home’s exterior. Make sure you do not do this directly overhead, as it may result in spiders falling on you. Once you are done sweeping up webs, store the broom outdoors as to not bring any unwanted guests inside.

Some Strategies To Prevent Spiders
In order to prevent spiders, you have to also address other pests that they invade to hunt. To help you do this, here are some simple tips and tricks to use.

Identify and repair holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.

Invest in high-quality door sweeps for exterior doors around your home.

Repair or replace damaged weatherstripping.

Fix broken screens and make sure they are seated properly in your windows and doors.

Keep unscreened doors, and windows closed when they are not being used.

Address moisture problems on your property and inside your home.

Thoroughly clean your yard and home at least once a week.

A Guaranteed Solution To Spider Problems
If you need an answer to the spiders invading your home, there is only one option that will get the job done right. Hire the experts at Insect IQ, Inc. We will evaluate your home for pest pressures, identify your risk of invasion, and incorporate advanced solutions to eliminate current threats and put up a defensive barrier for potential future intruders. Our home pest control options are custom designed to fit our client’s needs, and our staff is trained to handle a wide range of pest problems.

Contact us today if you have any questions and schedule your Modesto property for a pest inspection.

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