bed bug infestation on a mattress

Bed bugs cause people to scratch their heads, and not just because they might have bitten them there. These insects are kind of puzzling. They seem to appear out of nowhere and take over fast. Even worse, they are incredibly hard to get rid of. If they show up, it can create a lot of discomfort and distress. No one wants a bunch of little critters in their mattresses and/or pillows. They certainly don’t want dozens of itchy, red bumps all over their body from bed bugs either. If you read now about how to identify and prevent them, it will put you ahead of their creepy, crawling game. Also, you can learn about Insect IQ, Inc.’s successful control and extermination methods in Modesto. Here are the three key things to know about bed bugs:

1. You Can Catch Bed Bugs Anywhere
Most people think bed bugs come from filth, and that they live in mattresses only. This isn’t true at all. A bed bug’s diet consists of blood alone, so they go where the flesh is. They will aim for any area that is heavily populated by humans and animals. Dirt isn’t really a factor. These insects will sneak into your clothes or personal bags while you’re at a hotel, bus station, office, or school. When you bring them home or to your business, they’ll travel to couches, curtains, upholstery, electronics, and appliances. They’ll also hide in foundations, wood trim, and flooring.

You might have an infestation if you see the following:

Reddish-brown blots or blood drops under sheets

Brown or black fecal smears on linens

A patch of bites on your face, hands, neck, arms, or legs

The most common bed bugs have three body sections and six legs. They have round heads with two antennas. The middle of their bodies are small and unusually shaped. Their bottoms are large and circular. Young bed bugs are translucent; the adults are a red-brown color. Their eggs are pearly white. Most of these critters are ¼ inch long or less.

2. Preventing Bed Bugs Takes Work
Keeping bed bugs out of your home or business requires detailed cleaning and scanning. You’ll have to pay close attention to your space and belongings. Should these pests make it inside anyway, early detection will make a huge difference. You’ll have to put in a concerted effort, but it will be worth it:

Frequently inspect box springs, head and footboards, mattress seams, and beneath beds. (Using a flashlight is recommended.)

Sift through clothing piles, drawers, electronics, and bags. Also look at furniture and fixtures, like lamps and picture frames.

If you’re staying in a hotel or motel and see bed bugs, inform maintenance immediately. Have them relocate you to a unit far away.

Put your luggage in a protective cover or plastic bag while traveling.

When you get home from a trip, examine your luggage right away. Clean your clothes with hot water. Dry them for at least 20 minutes in high heat.

Check second-hand items, like appliances and gadgets, before buying them.

3. Only Professionals Can Kill Bed Bugs Successfully
Modesto residents won’t be able to eliminate bed bugs on their own. These pests reproduce too quickly, and they’re resistant to most retail insecticides. Further, one has to find and kill all the bed bug eggs, babies, and adults. That’s just too hard. Insect IQ, Inc. has specialized and thorough treatments that will remove the whole clan, and in a jiffy.

For over 15 years, Insect IQ, Inc. has proudly served citizens dealing with intrusive and harmful insects and creatures. We put your needs into consideration with safe products, accommodating services, and affordable packages. We offer same-day visits with 100% guarantees! Get a free estimate today!

Three Things Everyone In Modesto Ought To Know About Bed Bugs Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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