argentine ant infestation in a kitchen

We rarely think about them unless they’re spotted scurrying across our picnic blankets, but these career party poopers are about to get a whole lot more plentiful!

Ants are some of the most plentiful pests in Modesto and perhaps the hardest to get rid of. Due to their large numbers and their ability to ‘bud’ into new colonies when threatened, addressing a serious infestation can be a long and frustrating process. Some of the most common ant species in Modesto are:

Odorous House Ants

Argentine Ants

Fire Ants

Carpenter Ants

Like other pests, the key to dealing with an ant infestation is to ‘nip it in the bud.’ In other words, enacting strong prevention methods is paramount during the initial stages of ant colonization.

Identifying And Sealing Potential Ant Attractants
The common ant species here in Modesto have three major attractants that should be reduced or eliminated on your property. These are:

Food: Ants are notorious for ruining summertime picnics and bashing barbecues. These pests are particularly attracted to foods with a high protein or sugar count, especially soda, deli meat, and peanut butter.

Water: Like all living things, ants need water to hydrate themselves and cool down their buried nests. As you might imagine, ants need very little moisture and can garner what they need from a variety of sources. Standing water puddles, humidity, and even muddy patches of grass may provide all they need for survival.

Shelter: Ants are not just looking for a place to build their nests. Lush ground cover, overgrown plants, and thick vegetation around your property will provide an ample amount of space for ants to survive and thrive.

Reducing the ant presence on your lawn is not possible without strong and decisive action taken at the beginning of the spring season. With a little sweat and elbow grease, these steps in the mitigation of ant activity in and around your Modesto home might help.

Store food in their proper locations and invest in seal-able containers if necessary. Do not allow flour or sugar to remain in their paper bags.

If there is currently no household procedure for trash storage, this should be addressed immediately. Remove trash from the house and place it in a sealed bin as often as possible. If there is no regular trash pickup at your property, make an effort to remove all bags at least once a week.

Moisture issues in the lawn should be dealt with by completing regular yard maintenance. Prune and trim all vegetation as often as possible. Keep grass mowed to a reasonable length, and fill in any dips with topsoil. For the home, try to run a dehumidifier in humid areas to reduce your chances of drawing ant colonies inside.

Identify and seal up potential entry points around the house. Use caulking or another type of waterproof sealant, paying specific attention to the space around doors and windows.

Want more helpful tips? Contact the ant extermination pros at Insect IQ to book a complimentary home inspection tailored just for you.

Let The Brains At Insect IQ Protect Your Modesto Home From Harm
Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming they can deal with ant infestations on their own, but the common area ants of Modesto will require much more than simple DIY remedies to root out. To save both your wallet and your sanity, don’t try to get rid of an existing ant colony on your own. Contact the professionals at Insect IQ right away to get started on the perfect ant control plan for you.

Modesto’s Comprehensive Ant-Prevention Guide Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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