American cockroach in the kitchen

One of the worst types of pests you could find in your home is the grimy, slimy, no-good cockroach. These bugs have a reputation for being one of the worst and downright nastiest creatures found in human homes and are perhaps one of the most dangerous varieties of pests as well.

Due to their nocturnal nature and sneaky behavior, you are much less likely to see a cockroach rummaging through your home than you are to spot signs of them around frequently traveled areas. While you may not necessarily notice everything at first, small irregularities in your home or daily tasks may lead you to catch the bugs red-handed.

Common Signs of Cockroach Activity
Roach dung scattered in small corners or near easily accessible food items.

Exoskeleton piles underneath couches, appliances, and other large furniture items.

Contaminated food products that appear to have been gnawed or chewed through.

A sweet or musky odor without any clear origination point.

Egg deposits that are attached to food items around the home (especially in warm, dark, moist places).

Oily ‘smear marks’ that track slime or grit along baseboards and wall edges.

These six easy to spot signs of cockroaches in your Modesto home may be a forewarning of dangers to come.

The Dangers Of Having Cockroaches Indoors (And Why It’s Hard To Eliminate Them)
Roaches aren’t just annoying dirt-lovers that eat up your food items and track in grime. These pests are considered to be some of the most dangerous insects in the world. The dangers of cockroaches lie not with their bite, sting, or venom, but in their inherent ability to gather and distribute all sorts of pathogens. A shortlist of these deadly contaminates are:


Typhoid fever






E. coli infection

Cockroach pathogen spread can take the form of a virus, bacteria, or even certain varieties of parasites. This causes the overall health effects of these pests to be far more dangerous than any other type of crawling bug. Roach borne illnesses can be transmitted through food contamination, surface spread, and many other forms of roach travel. Whether or not you have noticed explicit signs of roach presence in the home, it will be vital to initiate proactive prevention steps as soon as possible.

Contact Insect IQ today for a free home inspection that evaluates the extent of cockroach activity in your home. Our team will be more than happy to help you develop a plan of action against roaches before, during, and after their infestation.

Don’t Know What To Do? Call Insect IQ!
The best thing to do if you spot signs of cockroaches in your Modesto, CA home is to call the professionals at Insect IQ right away. All of our staff members are professionally trained in their craft to both protect, respect, and assess your property with quality treatments right from the start. We believe in serving our customers like neighbors, and strive to do everything in our ability to serve unique needs with unique products. Using a combination of cultural controls, treatment products, and regular inspection services, Insect IQ can proudly declare your home to be cockroach free within a short matter of time.

Get the treatments you and your family deserve by booking an initial visit with Insect IQ today. Agents are available to take your call both online, over the phone, and in-person at one of our local Modesto, CA branches. When it comes to serving you right, Insect IQ is the business to call. Reach out to start your personalized cockroach treatment plan now!

Six Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Modesto, CA Home Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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