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If you have lived in Modesto, CA for any amount of time, you probably are already aware of the massive number of ants that can be found in our humble area of California. A combination of high populations, plenty of earth, and sheer good weather enable many species of local pest to thrive around residential properties, commercial backyards, and many other areas of Modesto. The majority of our common area ants are harmless and only serve to be nuisance pests for people and pets. However, some ant varieties are downright dangerous. Here are a few of the most common ants in Modesto:

Carpenter Ants: Wood-boring insects with winged alates

Fire Ants: Biting and stinging pests with a territorial nature

Pavement Ants: Plentiful pests with a penchant for driveways and sidewalks

Sugar Ants: Bugs that live on human garbage and spilled foods

While every type of ant is slightly different, every single ant will become difficult to manage if it gains access to the home. That’s one of the primary reasons why early ant prevention is so crucial to Modesto home and business owners. It may be a bit late in the year for complete ant prevention, but by following some important tips and tricks now, you may be able to significantly mitigate the effects of exposure. Here are some ways to manage ant activity in Modesto before it happens.

Remedying Modesto Ant Activity With Quick And Easy Prevention Steps
Thanks to their small sizes and large appetites, ants can get into your home in practically any way they want. Cracks in the sides of homes, small spaces under doors and windows, and other tiny spaces can allow these insects to gain household access in a matter of minutes. Once a scouting ant has found a suitable food source for its colony, scores of starving insects could be crawling through your doors, windows, and walls. Here are a few ways to remedy the possibility of an ant invasion in the home:

Check screens and door sweeps for signs of damage

Seal up any gaps in the structure with waterproof caulking or sealant

Install additional caulking around piping, wiring, and other small spaces

Control the outflow of water on the property. Use dehumidifiers to handle indoor humidity, and consult with a landscaping professional for help dealing with outdoor puddles or pools.

The question of how ants got inside your home may not be readily apparent, but the reason why ants choose to infiltrate your property, in particular, may be due to several factors. They include:

Food: If any kind of garbage bag, dirty plate, or floor crumb is left available to open air, you can bet that ants will be all over it in no time! Store all food and trash items in properly sealed bins or bags.

Water: Clogged drains and leaky pipes could be pushing ants further and further indoors. Discuss these problems with a certified professional.

Clutter and Dirt: The more places for ants to hide in, the harder it will be to spot them. Address the more cluttered or dirtier spaces in your home as soon as possible.

Get The Job Done Right With Insect IQ
While prevention is always a great first step towards protection, the DIY (do it yourself) steps listed here will not be able to eliminate an infestation once established. That’s why the best form of ant control continues to come through professional assistance. Call the crew at Insect IQ for help dealing with your residential or commercial ant infestation. We are a family-owned and operated business and we offer affordable and eco-friendly treatments. Call us today at Insect IQ!

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