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Let’s start with the good news first: these blood-sucking hitchhikers actually cannot spread serious illnesses. The bad news? They are still blood-sucking hitchhikers! Bed bugs are notorious for ‘getting around’ in this part of the world, traipsing from hotel to bus stop to airport on the backs of unwitting humans. Many Modesto homeowners a are asking the same question: “Are bed bugs dangerous and what does that mean for me?”

Contrary to popular belief, these bugs are able to be seen with the naked eye. Flat brown bodies with tiny segmented exteriors are often the best points of physical identification. It won’t take long to establish that there is a colony in the home: the bites, excrement spots, and blood spatter left behind from their feeding are often signs of infestation.

The Many Concerns Of Residential Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are very different from the other types of pests you might find in Modesto. Because of this, the types of problems they cause in the home are unlike anything else:

There is no concrete evidence that bed bugs spread disease, despite their affinity for blood. However, there is continuous scientific testing taking place to ensure this remains the case.
With all the itchy welts and histamine reactions their bites cause, victims of bed bug activity may develop a severe case of insomnia over time.
Large and long enough infestations pose the risk of creating anemia in human hosts. As a lack of hemoglobin in the blood (or too-small red blood cell count), this condition may become serious very quickly.
Scratching and itching at bed bug bites may cause wounds to bleed. This raises the overall risk for secondary infestations due to outside pathogens.
Chronic bed bug concerns may lower your home’s value significantly. Individuals who rent or let out their homes may be sued for hosting a bed bug infestation, with or without their knowledge.
Bed bugs may become expensive roommates in a very short amount of time. Check for a false positive in your Modesto home by booking a complimentary home inspection with Insect IQ today.
Back Out Of Your Bed Bug Nightmare With Insect IQ
At the end of the day, bed bugs are not just endemic insects, but outright predatory bugs causing pandemonium all over Modesto. It only takes one or two bugs to start an entire infestation, and if homeowners are not careful during their autumn vacation or travel plans, they may discover their mattress is housing a whole new set of occupants! Bug bugs cannot spread diseases like other bugs, nor cause structural damages so iconic of other pests. However, the list of dangers they pose to Modesto homeowners is much too long to ignore.

That’s why hundreds of homeowners in the Modesto area trust Insect IQ with their bed bug prevention, treatment, and mitigation needs. Our company has been exterminating bugs since 2003, bringing our family of pest experts, service techs, and safe treatments directly to your door. Insect IQ offers same-day treatments and a 100% guarantee of our services, ensuring that our customers get excellent results.. We are proud to end each visit with a ‘thank you’ and a smile.

Don’t wait until bed bugs infestations become too difficult to manage. Call Insect IQ today to schedule a visit from one of our helpful service technicians. Visitation and treatment inquiries may also be completed through the online messaging application, contact form, or in person at the Modesto branch. We don’t believe in second best, and we definitely don’t believe in helping pests make your family number two. Make that phone call today to Insect IQ now! Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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