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You may blame yourself when pests get caught living in your Modesto home, but the truth is that some pests can establish an infestation under any circumstance – regardless of your careful preparations.

It’s a common misconception that bed bugs only take root in ‘dirty’ or ‘messy’ homes. This myth is simply not true. Due to their hitchhiking behaviors and inclination for large groups of people, the pests can and will spread to any available household. Even the cleanest of Modesto homes are subject to their itchy, bloodthirsty rule.

The sneaky behaviors and interesting spreading patterns of these insects prompt many homeowners to ask the question, “how did I get bed bugs in my Modesto home?” The answer may be far simpler than you think.

Modesto Residents: The Two Ways Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Home
Bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug, meaning that they are capable of spreading from household to household by grabbing unwarranted passage from place to place. Luggage, backpacks, clothing, upholstery, and other objects are all usual suspects for bed bug activity.

Some places may attract bed bugs more frequently, especially during the mid to late summer season. Bed bugs appear in train stations, airports, bus seats, hotels, and even Air BnBs. By remaining in places where large groups of people gather, these creatures quickly find new hosts and new opportunities in which to feed and survive.

The best way to avoid getting bed bugs while in high-risk areas is to prevent the pests from gaining access to your personal belongings. Store all bags and backpacks off the ground and in an overhead compartment or shelf. Wash all clothes on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip, and be careful not to let ‘secondhand’ items sit too long without inspection.

In fact, the second most common way homeowners get bed bugs in their homes is through the purchase of second-hand materials and appliances. Before ever bringing these items into the home, scan the piece for signs of active bugs, blood spots, excrement stains, or exoskeletons. If possible, use a flashlight and sharp edge such as a driver’s license to scrape along the edges of secondhand upholstery. If pests are currently living inside the furniture, they will scurry out with the disturbance of the card.

Not sure if bed bugs have already infested your house? Get a free home inspection through Insect IQ to find out.

Bug Bugs Are Tough. Insect IQ Is Even Tougher
Bed bugs are such difficult pests to prevent, especially here in the warm climate and sunny summers of Modesto. Thanks to their thick exoskeletons, high rate of reproduction, and incredible adaptability to virtually any environment, it’s not you: it’s them. Vacation season is still at its peak, and the number of travelers and tourists passing through the Modesto area is set to rise within the next few weeks. All in all, home prevention methods may not quite be enough to stave off the inevitable summer bed bug hordes.

If you do end up with bed bugs in your home regardless of your prevention tactics, there’s no need to fear! Call the bed bug extermination professionals right away at Insect IQ. With dozens of years of experience identifying, treating, and eliminating bed bug infestations, our dedicated team will keep your home safe, no matter what.

When you’re ready to receive class A services from a class A pest eliminator, call the Modesto office at Insect IQ today. Want some questions answered first? Our team will be happy to chat with you online through our convenient Birdeye tool. We’re ready to go above and beyond ‘normal’ pest control. Just see for yourself!

How Did I Get Bed Bugs In My Modesto Home? Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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