underside of a black widow in her web

A fascinating arachnid with some terrible secrets, these backyard visitors will cause more than enough trouble for Modesto residents.

Black widow spiders are some of the best known and most feared spiders in North America. With fully black bodies complete with a tell-tale red ‘hourglass’ symbol, black widows lurk in many unkempt areas of the lawn. Garages, basements, garden sheds, crawlspaces, and even attics are all potential housing points for these dangerous creatures.

The black widow spider got its name due to its terrible, homicidal secret of consuming their male partners after copulation. Using their highly venomous bites and long legs, the female spiders make short work of their male companions. While both male and female spiders are venomous, female spiders are more likely to be aggressive towards humans, and hence to deliver a painful bite.

Although they are among the rarer arachnid species of Modesto, black widow spiders are one of two deadly spiders in the United States. Upon biting, the black widow will release a powerful latrotoxin into the victim’s bloodstream. Affecting the nerves, muscles, and body frame, victims may experience nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, paralysis, and even hypertension. Symptoms may continue for 3 – 7 days unless medical attention is promptly received.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is the victim of a black widow spider, do not hesitate to seek immediate medical care.

To prevent spider assisted tragedies and health complications, it is essential for homeowners to comply with the following black widow spider prevention tips.

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips For Modesto
Here in Modesto, spiders are simply a part of life. However, failing to keep this dangerous species out of your living space may allow these creatures to come into contact with you, your family, or those you love. Cut down on the spider presence near your property by following these important black widow prevention tips.

Address other pest issues in the home that could be attracting predatory spiders. Creatures such as ants and flies could be infesting areas of your living space right under your nose. Seek professional pest control help to remove these attracting species promptly and safely.

Regularly remove spider webs in and around the home by using a long-handled broom. This disturbance will force spider species to look for a residency somewhere outside of your house.

Black widow spiders specifically enjoy hiding in firewood stacks and unkempt woodpiles. Do what you can to keep firewood away from the sides of the home, and be sure to properly stack all logs when expecting frequent use.

Despite the prevention efforts you have put in place, there is always a chance that black widows could already be living in your home. Get to the bottom of the enigma by scheduling a comprehensive pest inspection through Insect IQ today.

Need A Break? Trust Insect IQ!
For more advice or assistance related to the proper control of black widow spiders, contact the arachnid experts at Insect IQ right away. Family owned and operated, Modesto customers aren’t just our patrons: they’re our neighbors. The quality services, affordability, and friendly smiles of Insect IQ associates are exactly why our friends in Modesto rely on us to keep their homes safe from pests year after year.

To discover the black widow spider prevention program that’s right for you, reach out to the Insect IQ service agents at your closest Modesto branch. More comfortable in your own home? Fill out our simple contact form online and get connected with a technician as soon as possible. Get help and be more prepared with the helpful pest-busting services of Insect IQ now.

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