cockroaches crawling in a Modesto home

What’s the most disgusting bug to find crawling around your house? Almost anyone you ask will not hesitate to mention cockroaches. These insects get a bad rap for a good reason. Not only do they look really creepy, but they also spread a lot of nasty stuff around as they’re traipsing through your house.

Oriental cockroaches in Modesto are not an uncommon sight. Along with their cousins, the American and German cockroaches, they are quite prevalent in this area. If you’re struggling with Oriental cockroaches in your home, get in touch with Insect IQ Inc, your local Modesto Pest Control. Our trained experts are knowledgeable and experienced in cockroach removal and how to deter cockroaches from entering your home.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

Despite their name, Oriental cockroaches are believed to have come from Africa. Oriental cockroaches in Modesto are a shiny dark brown to black color. The adult female can grow from 1 to 1 ½ inches long and have no wings. The male will be a little smaller and have 3/4-length wings.

You can easily distinguish them from the German and American varieties just by looks alone. The German cockroach is tan to light brown in color only grows to about ½ inch long. The American cockroach is the largest of the cockroaches, coming in at about 2 inches. They are reddish-brown with a figure-eight pattern on their head.

Why Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

The cockroaches here in Modesto, as in any other location, are an unsanitary and dangerous pest to have roaming in and around your home. Oriental cockroaches are drawn to damp, moist areas and tend to forage through garbage, sewers, and basements. Due to this type of habitat, they pick up and carry various pathogens, spreading them everywhere they travel throughout your house.

This is why the importance of contacting your local Modesto pest control at the first signs of cockroach infestations can’t be stressed enough. You and your family can be at risk of contracting such illnesses as salmonellosis, E. coli infections, gastroenteritis, and cholera. Their presence can also cause serious allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Oriental Roaches In Homes?

There are commercially available cockroach control products like traps, baits, and sprays that are designed to help you control a cockroach problem. But these pesky insects are a robust and elusive bunch. Prevention is your best weapon. Here are some tips on how to deter cockroaches from invading your home.

  • Be diligent in keeping food pantries, cabinets, and countertops clean. Wipe up spills and crumbs as soon as possible.
  • Ensure trash cans and garbage bins are tightly sealed.
  • Check to see that all doors, windows, and screens have no openings. Seal or caulk any cracks and crevices in foundations, siding, or any possible entryway.
  • Eliminate any standing water around your home and make sure all gutters and downspouts are properly installed to route drainage away from the house.
  • Reduce hiding places for cockroaches by removing clutter in basements and rooms.

As you can see, good housekeeping practices can go a long way in preventing cockroaches and many other pests from taking up residence on your property.

The Secret To Effective Cockroach Control In Modesto

Unfortunately, even after following the tips above and trying different cockroach control products, you aren’t guaranteed to have a cockroach-free home. The best secret to effective cockroach control is to leave it up to the professionals. With more than 20 years of experience serving the Modesto area, our knowledgeable technicians at Insect IQ, Inc. are experts at picking up the signs of cockroach infestations. Give us a call and we can discuss the best cockroach control and prevention plan that will suit your budget and needs.

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