cockroach eating food off the floor in a Modesto home

Did you know that here in Modesto the cockroaches never truly go away? Although they do slow down quite a bit during the colder months, they never stop invading homes and causing us trouble. This is one of the reasons professional pest control is so vitally important and why you should call Insect IQ if you are seeing cockroaches around your home. If that’s not enough, here are some other reasons to give us a call.
Cockroaches Spread Disease
Cockroaches are one of the last creatures you want crawling around in your home. This is because of their filthy habits and ability to carry and transmit diseases. Most commonly they do this when they are scavenging at night for food off of your countertops, food preparation stations, and your dining room table. Seeing that cockroaches spend the majority of their time in filth around sewers, garbage, and dirty dark damp areas, it fair to say they are not the creatures you want nibbling on your food or walking around your kitchen.
DIY Treatments for Cockroaches are Ineffective
Cockroaches, by nature, are extremely resilient insects with a few scary facts. Did you know that cockroaches can live up to a week without their heads, and months without food? Combine this with the fact that cockroaches are both fast and small, and you’re left with quite difficult pests to manage. Additionally, many store-bought pest control solutions have the potential to be dangerous to more than just cockroaches if not used properly. All of this together makes cockroaches not only some of the most frustrating pests to deal with but the hardest to eliminate, as well.
Only Professional Pest Control Will Get the Job Done Right
When it comes to deterring and removing cockroaches from your home, seeking the services of professionals who know how to deal with cockroaches is key. Here at Insect IQ, we know how to properly deal with cockroaches in a way that will not threaten you or your family’s health.

Our professional pest technicians are not only friendly but good at what they do. So if you are looking to get cockroaches out of your home, the best thing you can do is to contact us! It is our pleasure to help you find freedom from cockroaches, all while showing you what quality pest control looks like for you and your home.

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