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Do you want to end up with hundreds if not thousands of dollars on home repairs? The answer to that question is definitely a no. But, this could happen to you if you end up with termites in your house. Termites in Modesto are more destructive than your average pest, and they can even destroy entire buildings over enough time. Without professional termite control, termites can find their way inside your property and wreak havoc. This guide is here to help you protect your property with information about termite season and how to keep these pests at bay.

When Is Termite Season In Modesto?

Termites are pests that are active year-round. Once inside your home, they will continue to destroy wooden items non-stop. They won’t take a break just because the weather gets hotter or colder. But, termite season is still the time when termites are most likely to spread to new places.

The termite swarmers, which are responsible for reproduction, will leave the nest during this time to reproduce. These swarmers have wings and often look like flying ants. Termite season is relatively long, but it usually begins in the early spring and ends in the late fall.

How Do I Know If My Modesto Home Has Termites?

It can be challenging to identify termites just by sight. While they are pretty destructive, the damage they do isn’t apparent right away. They can live in large nests underground in the soil or tunnel through wooden items, so you probably won’t see them.

However, termite season is when you’re most likely to be able to identify termites by seeing them around. The worker and soldier termites are white and don’t have wings, while the swarmers are dark brown or black with wings.

Along with seeing the termites, there are other signs of termite infestations. These include squeaky floorboards, tight-fitting doors in the frames, and small wood shavings called frass, termite droppings.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Modesto Look Like?

Termite damage doesn’t show up that early either. While you might think you’d see these signs of termites immediately, they usually don’t show up as a problem until a year or more. Along with the signs mentioned above, a few other signs of termites include finding water-damaged wallpaper or walls but not seeing a source of water.

While it can take a while for termite damage to become noticeable, this doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Termites destroy properties little by little, but all damage can add to significant destruction. In eight to ten years, an infestation can ruin an entire home.

How Does Insect IQ Get Rid Of Termites In Modesto?

Termite control isn’t easy. But, the experts at Insect IQ, Inc. can help. While trying to implement do-it-yourself (DIY) termite control doesn’t work well, our team of technicians has the experience and the tools needed to eradicate these problematic pests. We use a three-step approach pest control that involves an inspection of your property, accurate identification of the problem, and implementation of treatment. We will discuss options with you to determine the best way to remove the termite problem from your property.

Find out more about termite inspections and preventing termites by giving us a call today.

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