adult bed bug in a home

Bed bugs are not generally on a homeowners radar until they fall victim to a bed bug invasion and these itchy, biting pests are infesting their home. Thankfully, there are prevention steps a Modesto homeowner can take to prevent summer bed bugs.

Bed bug activity escalates during the summer months for several reasons. One factor is tourism and the number of people, from all over, visiting during the beautiful summer months. Bed bugs are surprisingly easy to pick up, and a big misconception is that they are only in dirty locations. Bed bugs don’t feed on filth or trash; they feed on human blood. They can be found wherever humans are, including the cleanest hotel room, or your aunt’s couch. You can pick up bed bugs from any public place such as public transportation. With an influx of people visiting a tourist spot, it’s easy to succumb to bed bugs.

But there is hope, and steps that Modesto homeowners can take to protect their property this season. Catching the early signs of bed bugs can mean the difference between sleepless nights or quick eradication of these pests.

Warning Signs to Watch For:

Sighting of the small, oval bugs

Fecal or blood stains

Shed skins.

Itchy bites on you, family members, or pets

Best Prevention Practices For This Summer:

Vacuum regularly.

Inspect furniture and other items you bring in the house.

Inspect your clothes and belonging when you return home every day.

Vacuum out luggage when returning from a trip.

Purchase mattress covers to prevent bed bugs from hiding in your mattress.

Contact professional pest control.

Don’t hesitate to call Insect IQ Pest Control Service if you notice any of the warning signs in your Modesto home. Our team will perform an inspection, successfully eliminate infestations, and partner with you to prevent future ones. Before you attempt DIY treatment methods, know that some can do more harm than good. Take a look at our residential control services to learn more. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your summer, reach out to Insect IQ today.

How Modesto Homeowners Can Prevent Summer Bed Bugs Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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