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Are there any creatures more cunning than rodents? Even scientists use these rodents to conduct experiments on intellect, putting mice through mazes, often finding that their ability to solve complex problems to be surprisingly impressive. And that’s all well and good, until they invade our homes, that is. No one wants pests in their home, let alone ones clever enough to eat the peanut butter off a set mouse a trap without triggering it. Add on to that the fact that their incisor teeth can chew through walls and you begin asking yourself, “Is there any way to deal with rodents”. We’re here to tell you that there is!

Mice, Rats, And The Problems They Bring
When humans build a home, they have to use power tools and equipment to build ways in and out of the home. But when it comes to rodents, they sometimes have to make their own ways around, but instead of using power tools, they use their sharp front teeth. This becomes especially problematic not when they chew through your walls, but when they find a cluster of wires between them and where they want to go. This could result in the loss of power to outlets or lights, and in the worst case scenario, could lead to an electrical fire as well. Add onto this the fact that rodents are known carriers of disease and it is safe to say that rodents are pests that you definitely don’t want in your home.

Signs And Prevention
Both rats and mice have a habit to chew, so when looking for signs of rodent activity in your home, look for things around your house that look like they have been nibbled or chewed on. Clear signs of this would be holes through walls, cabinets, baseboards, or anything with a wooden barrier. Another common sign of a rodent infestation is the droppings they leave behind. All rodent droppings are slightly different in size, but they are generally pellet-shaped. Make sure to look for these droppings around your home.

For rodent prevention, consider these following tips:

Look for any gaps or cracks found along your exterior foundation and seal them using a caulking gun.

Reduce sources food in and around your home; make sure garbage cans are sealed properly, store food in airtight containers and off of countertops, consider relocating any food in cardboard boxes into more secure plastic containers.

Remove clutter from your yard and try to keep storage areas as clutter-free as possible.

Seek out and remove sources of water from your home and property. Look for leaky piping, broken gutters, or general water build up and address these problem areas.

If Rodents Get In, It’s Time To Call The Pros
If there is one true thing about rodents, it is that keeping them out is a whole lot easier than getting rid of them out once they have gotten inside. This is why Insect IQ offers top-of-the-line rodent control. Our methods are not just designed to remove rodents from your home, but also to keep them out. So if rodents are cleverly avoiding your efforts to remove them, contact the professionals here at Insect IQ, and find out what quality residential pest control looks like for your home!

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