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The Secret To Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Modesto Yard  

May 28, 2021

What is black and yellow and red all over? A wasp that just stung your arm, of course! 
Most of us here in Modesto have experienced a wasp sting at least once in our lifetimes. Angry red welts, inflamed skin, and overall burning pain are some of the most identifiable hallmarks of this stinging insect’s attack. 

Here in the Southwest, we are prone to attacking hordes of common area wasps, from the tiniest bee to the largest hornet. Some of the most common include: 

  • The Western Yellowjacket 

  • The European Hornet 

  • The Paper Wasp 

  • Potter Wasps 

  • Thread-Waisted Wasps 

These insects are essential and important insects for Mother Earth, but dangerous creatures for the rest of us. In nature, wasps pollinate important wildflowers or fruit- bearing bushes and plants, which creates food for the rest of the food chain. When nestled up against our homes, though, these insects quickly become territorial and aggressive. 
So what’s the secret to wasp control? Using a proactive rather than a reactive approach to protection. You cannot undo a wasp infestation on your own without professional help, although you may be able to keep the problem from happening in the first place. 
The only cure for wasp infestation in your Modesto lawn is proactive prevention and pest control steps. If these are not taken, the situation will only continue to get worse and worse.

Common Ways For Modesto Homeowners To Protect Their Lawns From Wasps

Understanding wasp prevention begins by understanding wasp psychology. There is a very specific set of things that attract wasps to a home or property, including: 

  • Certain types of wildflowers, plants, and orchard trees 

  • Easy access to sugary drinks and protein-rich foods 

  • Open garbage bags or lidless trash bins 

  • Unturned compost piles with plenty of fresh refuse 

Not all of these factors are directly manageable by the homeowner in question, but many of these factors can be mitigated with the right Integrated Pest Management approach. Do what you can to reduce or eliminate wasp attractant factors by adhering to the following tips:

  • Remove, reduce, or restrict access to harborage places in the home or lawn. Clean the eaves of your home frequently, while also ensuring that branches and thick vegetation is not growing too close to the sides of the home. 

  • Limit the number of fruit trees or berry bushes that are planted in the lawn. If this is not possible, remove ripened or rotting fruit from the bases of plants to prevent wasp attraction. 

  • Keep the lawn cut low to discourage water buildup and wasp drinking zones. 

  • Plant less wasp-friendly foliage around the home, especially bushes or flowers that dispel unfriendly insect activity. 

Your home may still exhibit some elements of wasp attraction despite your hard work. Ensure you have done all you can by getting a home inspection from Insect IQ at your earliest convenience.

Insect IQ Has A Bone To Pick With Modesto Wasps

We have all experienced the pain of a wasp sting, the fear of their buzzing, and the disagreeable construction of nests and colonies. While you may not be able to stop every wasp nest from developing into an infestation, Insect IQ certainly can accomplish the job. An existing wasp problem is not something you should attempt to take care of on your own, both for safety reasons and for your peace of mind. Instead, contact Insect IQ for more advice or assistance pertaining to the removal of wasps on your Modesto property
Call us today at Insect IQ to schedule a visiting appointment, or get your questions answered with a professional right away. We care about protecting our friends and neighbors with the best our team can offer. Get help with your wasps today! 

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