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Bed Bug Awareness Month is upon us, and these tiny pests are in the spotlight. Despite their small size, bed bugs can pose significant problems for homes and businesses in Modesto—but luckily, there are measures to ensure you can avoid these problems. The solution to bed bug control starts with the help of pest control in Modesto and entails a few preemptive measures to ensure they don’t return.

Read on to learn whether bed bugs bite everyone and the signs of bed bugs. We’ll also provide five tips on how to keep bed bugs away and a solution for bed bug pest control.

Do Bed Bugs Only Bite Certain People?

Bed bugs aren’t picky eaters, so anyone is at risk of being bitten. That also means that if multiple people share a room or space, a bed bug infestation can affect everyone living there.

Easy To Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t shy about their presence. These pests leave behind telltale signs, some more obvious than others. Here are a few of the most common signs of bed bugs:

  • Red stains on bedding, bedclothes, pillowcases, and sheets caused by bed bug bites.
  • Bed bug feces cause smear marks on bedding and upholstery and nearby walls.
  • Shed skins and egg casings on bedding and around areas where people sleep, rest, and relax.
  • The bed bugs’ sweat glands cause a musty odor.

In addition to the above signs, having multiple bites can lead to bed bug rash, which is itchy and irritating. When exposed for prolonged periods, it’s possible to develop a secondary infection from the bites.

Five Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

If you’re wondering how to keep bed bugs away, there are a few crucial steps you can take. Here’s five:

  1. Contact Local Pest Control: Bed bugs are so small and breed quickly, and it’s impossible to find and remove every insect without the help of skilled technicians.
  2. Vacuum Regularly: Include vacuuming carpeting and upholstery, as well as the interior of luggage, especially after returning from a trip. Don’t forget to change the vacuum bag to prevent bed bugs from escaping.
  3. Don’t Accumulate Clutter: Clutter in the home, especially underneath and around bedding, provides ample dark, undisturbed places for pests like bed bugs to thrive.
  4. Regularly Wash And Dry On High Heat: The use of heat kills bed bugs and will eradicate any on your bedding.
  5. Use Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is a natural bed bug deterrent. Wear it on your person or mix it with water and spray throughout areas of the home where you find bed bugs.

You can pick up bed bugs in high-foot traffic areas, such as airports, train stations, and office buildings. You can carry them indoors on clothing or personal belongings. Because of the range of places where it’s possible to pick up bed bugs unknowingly, it’s vital to practice caution and call on professional pest control for regularly scheduled pest management.

Professional Bed Bug Control For Bed Bug Prevention Week

Be prepared for Bed Bug Prevention Week by implementing preventive measures to remove bed bugs and avoid their return.

Insect IQ, Inc. is a local, family-owned, and operated pest control that’s been serving Modesto homes and businesses for almost two decades. Customers are always at the forefront of Insect IQ, Inc. Our dedicated team is committed to providing pest management solutions that are effective, affordable, and delivered with top customer service.

If you have bed bugs or other pests, Insect IQ, Inc. can help.

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