pharaoh ant infestation in a home

When we think of ants, images of picnics, lines of hopeful drone workers, and reflections of tall nests in the grass come to mind. However, not all ants are as innocent as they seem. In the case of the pharaoh ant, your Modesto home may be under siege by some of the most dangerous disease carriers in this part of the United States.

Monomorium pharaonis are easily recognized through their:

1.5 to 2-millimeter sizes
12 segmented antennae with clubbed endings
Light brown bodies with dark brown or black abdomens
Pharaoh ants are much more likely to invade homes in areas with a higher heat index, especially Modesto. You may find a nest bordering against your driveway, pushing up against sidewalks, or hidden within a thick patch of shrubbery. These ants are a very serious problem in healthcare environments, partially due to their difficulty of removal, and partially due to their spread of significant diseases. Unlike other types of ants, pharaoh ants have the ability to pick up, spread, and carry hundreds of pathogens from person to person. Some of these illnesses are extremely dangerous or even deadly. A few of the most common include:

Clostridium (precursor to botulism)
The reason that pharaoh ants are difficult to control lies with their unique colony structure. These pests establish multiple colonies around the structures they invade, and will ‘bud off’ to create new nests when under pressure. Unless you already have a winning plan of action against pharaoh ants, you will need to begin prevention steps immediately.

Five Tips For Securing Your Home Against Pharaoh Ants
No matter where you live in Modesto, pharaoh ants could be living nearby. Perhaps the best and most efficient use of your prevention time lies with the following five tips:

Check door sweeps for signs of damage, rot, or cracking. These can be easily replaced, and often make a huge difference when used against pharaoh ant infestations.
Seal any cracks and crevices around the home with waterproof caulking or sealant. Be sure to invest in high-quality material that will last for a long time.
Check the screens around windows and doors for any signs of damage. Ripped or torn screens should be replaced immediately.
Store all trash bags in a sealed bin that is free from entry points.
Do not allow food or drink spills to pile up around the house. Regularly clean these areas through vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping to remove crumbs.
Pharaoh ants may already be present around your Modesto home, nullifying your hard work and prevention steps. If and when you are interested in getting a comprehensive home inspection, reach out to the team at Insect IQ immediately.
Don’t Waste Time, Have Insect IQ In Mind!
Trying to get rid of a pharaoh ant infestation on your own is likely a futile effort. At the very least, your household prevention is only a very small step towards managing a very large problem. Don’t waste valuable time and money on a pest control effort that is simply not enough. Instead, contact the tried and true professional team at Insect IQ right away.

Insect IQ is your one-stop Modesto destination for all things pharaoh ant. We make controlling your insect problems a snap, delivering high-quality inspections, treatments, and follow up visits. What’s more, we’re willing to adapt our treatment plans to your unique needs. Now that’s service! Join the Insect IQ family with as little as one phone call when you contact us about pharaoh ant prevention right away. We’re passionate about keeping you safe. Find out for yourself with Insect IQ today!

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