carpenter ant on a leaf

Of all the pesky guests that invite themselves to your outdoor feasts, these six-legged soldiers are by far the worst.

For these hungry pests, temperature and humidity are what triggers these scavengers to move forward with food collection, not a specific month. During August, ants are making their preparations for winter, storing up whatever they can before the first frost of the year. In many cases, this means they’ll be looking to check for food in more uncharted territories—like your home.

Many people see ants as a less dangerous pest than many of the other common August critters—but this is not true. Ants cause many problems once they make their way in from your lawn to your residence, making professional pest treatments a vital necessity.

A Buggy Situation
When ants begin to infest households, be on the lookout for the following problems.

Ants, like the odorous house ant, crawl onto open food sources and can contaminate them with bacteria such as E. coli, streptococcus, and Salmonella.

Carpenter ants are best known for causing extensive property damage in or around your home. In climates such as California, expect to see damage in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or other damp areas. Moist or decaying wood will always be their first choice.

Significant damage can occur to your home, and your health, if ant infestations are left untreated. Ants pose the risk for spreading infectious bacteria, and carpenter ants may spend the entire winter season closed up in your home, weakening walls, destroying furniture, and otherwise wreaking havoc in places unseen to the untrained eye.

Get Your Ants in a Row with Insect IQ
No matter how harmless they initially seem, ants can pose a real threat once they migrate from the yard into your home. If you have insect colonies around your property, don’t hesitate to contact a professional pest control company you can trust. Call us today at Insect IQ, Northern California’s premiere pest eliminator.

After you contact us to receive your fast and free phone estimate, a highly trained technician will visit your home to complete an in-depth inspection. They will identify your specific pest issue, along with the potential causes. At Insect IQ, we pride ourselves on implementing effective and long term solutions for your pest problems now and in the months to come. Contact Insect IQ today!

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