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There’s something about cockroaches that makes the skin crawl. Whether it’s their large size, spiny legs, or unsanitary habits, cockroaches are unappealing at best. But the real issue is the fact that they are dangerous. Find out what Modesto pest experts want you to know about cockroaches in Modesto.

The Cockroaches Of Modesto
In Modesto, there are several species of cockroaches. You’re most likely to come across the German cockroach, which measures about half an inch long when it’s full-grown. Usually, they are tan or dark brown. While adults of this species have wings, the young roaches do not.

Another common species is the American cockroach. Larger than the German variety, this insect can grow to over two inches long. It has a reddish-brown color and a figure-eight pattern on its head. Also prevalent in the area, Oriental cockroaches are similar in size but do not have the same figure-eight pattern.

Any cockroach sighting in your home could be enough to make you uncomfortable. But it should also be enough to make you wary. There are many dangers to having roaches in your home.

What Makes Modesto Cockroaches Dangerous?
To put it bluntly, cockroaches hang out in disgusting places. They look for food in garbage cans, alleys, and sewers. As they walk around, the barbs on their legs collect bacteria. Then, they enter homes and spread that bacteria onto food, counters, and tables.

This exposes you and your family to a long list of diseases. For instance, gastroenteritis and cholera are commonly spread by cockroaches. In the past, cockroaches were responsible for causing wide devastation across communities.

Even if the cockroaches don’t cause you to be sick, they could trigger asthma or allergies. To avoid the health risks associated with cockroaches, you should do your best to keep them out of your home.

Cockroach Prevention
Although cockroach prevention might seem like a simple thing, it’s not as easy as you may imagine. Cockroaches are hardy creatures that thrive in a variety of environments. However, these tips could deter cockroaches from taking up residence in your home:

1. Limit Moisture
Cockroaches need moisture to survive. If you keep your home dry and repair leaks, you limit the moisture and prevent cockroaches. In particularly humid areas of your home, use a dehumidifier or ventilation to dry out the air.

2. Keep Your House Clean
Another way to prevent cockroaches is to clean your house. If you have crumbs everywhere, cockroaches will have a steady food source. You should sweep and vacuum your home frequently. After meals, wipe down your counters and store your leftovers.

3. Take Away Their Shelter
Your home is full of hiding places for insects. While you can’t eliminate all of those hiding spots, you can get rid of some of them. For instance, you should remove clutter from your rooms. Clutter allows roaches to take shelter and go unnoticed. Every few months, look around your home and decide what items can be removed.

4. Store Your Trash Properly
If you leave your garbage uncovered, cockroaches will thrive. They’ll have a constant food source that will encourage them to remain in your home and breed. By tightly sealing your trash cans, you eliminate the food source.

5. Secure Your Home
You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked and open for intruders, so why should you do it for cockroaches? To prevent insects, seal up all potential entry points. Cover up holes in your screens, cracks in your foundation, and any other entryways.

6. Call A Professional
The best form of cockroach protection, prevention, and control is with help from the professionals. Call Insect IQ to keep your family safe from the dangers of cockroaches.

What The Modesto Pest Experts Want You To Know About Cockroach Dangers Serving Modesto and Tracy, CA

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