wasps around a Modesto swimming pool

There are some great things in Modesto, but wasps aren’t one of them. They can ruin a picnic, harass your family, and even cause medical emergencies. If you own property in Modesto, there are a few things you should know about wasp control.

What Type Of Wasps Live In Modesto?
When most people think of wasps, they imagine yellow jackets. The black and yellow wasps are common throughout much of the United States. But there are other types of wasps in Modesto, and they all have the potential to sting you.

One common area wasp is the paper wasp. Typically, this wasp is easiest to identify by its paper-like nest that resembles an umbrella. You might also see the fig wasp, which is a small wasp that is known for pollinating fig trees. Other types of wasps in Modesto include the cuckoo and parasitoid wasp.

Are Wasps Dangerous?
Because wasps are pollinators, they are good for the environment. Nevertheless, you don’t want to welcome them onto your property. They are dangerous to have around. This is because wasps can have a potent sting. In their stingers, wasps have a painful venom. If you’re not allergic, you might only experience some pain and swelling. But some individuals have allergies to the venom.

An allergic reaction can cause a medical emergency. Typically, the reaction requires immediate medical attention. One sting could even be enough to cause a fatality. To keep your family safe, you should do your best to prevent wasps from nesting on your property.

Wasp Prevention Tips
Generally, wasps are the most prevalent during the summer. But they can be around at other times of the year as well, so you should always make your yard unappealing to wasps. Following these prevention tips could keep your property wasp-free:

Remove food sources. Each species of wasp seeks out different types of food. Some eat fruit, while others prefer garbage. By cleaning up fallen fruit and closing your garbage can lids, you’ll give wasps fewer resources for eating.

Reduce the number of flowering plants that surround your home. If wasps need to travel too far for food, they won’t build a nest.

Remove water sources. In addition to needing food, wasps also require access to water. You should patrol your yard and look for excess sources of water. Check your gutters and lawn for stagnant puddles. Remove any clogs in your gutters and fix any drainage issues that cause water to pool. Pet water dishes will also attract wasps. If possible, don’t store them outside.

Don’t wear perfume. The smell of perfume is like a beacon to a wasp. When you plan on spending time outdoors, avoid wearing perfume. If you do, a wasp may confuse you for a sweet flower.

Mute your colors. Wasps are also attracted to bright colors. For outdoor activities, consider wearing muted colors. Although it might not be your favorite style choice, wearing muted colors will help keep the wasps from bothering you.

How should you deal with a wasp invasion? If you find a wasp nest or see several wasps on your property, you could have a problem. It may only be a matter of time before someone gets stung by these pests.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do on your own to eliminate wasps. Many DIY methods of wasp elimination are dangerous. Trying to get rid of a nest, could result in multiple stings. For this reason, you should never attempt to deal with an active infestation on your own. Contact Insect IQ right away for safe and effective wasp control.

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