Norway rat crawling on a fence in Modesto

Norway rats, also known as brown rats, are a typical home-invading species in Modesto. This species is large and heavy, ranging between 7 to 9 inches with a 6 to 8-inch tail. They have black to brown fur with a lighter colored underbelly. Norway rats have a blunt nose, small eyes, and small ears. This species can weigh between seven and 20 ounces and produce three to six litters each year.

It is safe to say no one wants a Norway rat infestation in their home. However, these rodents sure do depend on people a lot. Norway rats, among other species, have a long history of living closely with humans. Because of this, they rely on people for necessities such as food.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you have a rodent infestation as they are sneaky critters that tend to avoid people. However, if you see oily markings on walls, gnaw marks on baseboards and furniture, and droppings, there is a good possibility you have an infestation. To be prepared, you should know what you are up against regarding Norway rats on your Modesto property.

Problems Cause By Norway Rats
Rodents like Norway rats are some of the most dangerous and destructive home-invading pests. The reason rodents are so destructive is because their teeth never stop growing. To keep their teeth from overgrowing, they constantly chew on whatever materials they can get their teeth on. These materials include wood, plaster, insulation, furniture, wires, pipes, and more. If they chew through wires and pipes, it can become a fire and flood hazard.

Aside from damage to your home and belongings, rodents can spread many dangerous diseases and parasites such as:

Rat-bite fever






No one wants to deal with rodents spreading diseases and contaminating food and surfaces. To keep this from happening, you should know how to prevent rodents from nesting on your property and inside your home.

Preventing Norway Rats
Norway rats only need a penny-sized hole to squeeze through, but they can easily chew through smaller holes. Because rodents are so dependent on people, they will find their way inside for food and water that is easily accessible. Preventative measures you should take include:

Keep food in air-tight containers

Deep clean under heavy appliances and inside cupboards

Sweep and clean off surfaces to remove crumbs

Don’t leave pet food out overnight

Pick up fallen fruit in your yard

Take out garbage regularly

Use garbage bins that have secure lids and can’t be knocked over easily

Seal cracks in the foundation of your home

Fill in gaps where utility lines enter your home

Use vent covers and screens

Fix any leaking pipes or faucets

Remove clutter from inside your home

Keep your property debris-free and cut back foliage

While these prevention tips are helpful and should be implemented around your home, you should also consider the added benefits of professional rodent control for both prevention and exclusion.

Professional Assistance With Norway Rats
The most effective and safest way to handle a rat infestation is to contact professionals. If you live in Modesto, California, you should contact Insect IQ, Inc. for all your rodent control needs. We offer several different methods and treatment options, which allow you to customize the services you receive.

Don’t wait; contact us at Insect IQ, Inc. to learn more about the home pest control and commercial pest control services we offer and how we can help keep your Modesto property rodent and pest-free*.

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