Wolf spider on a wall

Many people’s first question when they encounter a wolf spider is, are they poisonous? The answer is no – but they are venomous! Wolf Spiders are roughly 1½ inches in diameter, fuzzy with a brown, gray, or black coloration and patterned back. Wolf spiders are roamers, not using webs to catch prey. These unique spiders run at high speeds and use ambush tactics to catch their meals.

Where Are Wolf Spiders Found? 

In the home you’ll most likely find them in basements, vents and crawl spaces, and generally running around looking for their next meal. Outside of the house, wolf spiders will nest in burrows, leaf litter, and tall grass. Wolf Spiders are typically solitary creatures until mating season, but the mothers are known to cart around their babies on their backs.

One good method of spotting them at night is to use a flashlight to get a reflection from their eyes, though it can be best to avoid doing it in your yard as you may discover there are far more than you are comfortable with. Other ways to avoid them include shaking out and tapping your shoes or boots before putting them on, making noise at night to scare them, and keeping your home free of clutter.

Do Wolf Spiders Bite? 

Wolf Spiders can be scary to look at, but they’re quite skittish and mostly want to avoid humans. Often wonderful predators of insects around your property and even other spiders, they can help keep your home free of other pests.

While wolf spiders are venomous, wolf spider bites tend to pose little risk to adults outside of the pain from their large fangs. However, children, elderly people, and those with compromised immune systems, can have an adverse reaction to the bite. If you start having a lasting headache, cramping, sweating, or nausea it’s best to consult a doctor right away. These symptoms aren’t normal of a wolf spider bite, and a sign that something is very wrong. 

Wolf Spider Control in Modesto CA

So what should you do if you see a wolf spider in your home? In this case, remember that the wolf spider is just as afraid of you as you are of it. Avoiding it or scaring them are the best options, but don’t kill them! Squishing a wolf spider can release hundreds of spiderlings, and at that point, everyone is going to panic. 

Instead of dealing with them personally, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Insect IQ Exterminators. We’ll assess your property and create a custom plan to remove them safely and swiftly. We guarantee your home will be pest free through our continued service and routine care.

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