Black Widow Spiders

What Are Black Widow Spiders?

Black widows are venomous spiders that are characterized by their dark black bodies and the signature red hourglass marking on their abdomens. Not all black widows sport this red hourglass, but it is very common. Unlike other insect pests, black widows belong to the arachnid family and have two body segments rather than three and eight legs rather than six. Female black widows can grow to be about two inches in diameter, including the length of their legs while the males are usually about half that size.

adult black widow spider in its web

Are Black Widows Spiders Dangerous?

These black and red spiders are very dangerous, especially for young children and the elderly. A black widow’s venom is said to be about fifteen times more potent than the venom of a rattlesnake, but black widows are only able to inject a very small portion of that venom into their victims, whereas a rattlesnake can inject larger doses. Black widow bites are rarely fatal but can be very painful and uncomfortable, causing nausea, spasms, fever, and other symptoms. If you or one of your family members is bitten by a black widow, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

Why Do I Have A Black Widow Spider Problem?

Having black widows living near or inside your home or business isn't safe for you or anyone else on your property. Black widows build their webs low to the ground, usually under logs, in thick brush, or under rocks. Sheds, basements, attics, and storage areas are the most frequently invaded spots when black widows find their way indoors. Like most spiders species, black widows will simply follow their food source, so if you're experiencing problems with black widows on your property or in your house, it’s probably because you already have an existing insect problem on your property.

How Can I Prevent Black Widows Spiders?

One of the best ways to prevent black widow spiders from choosing your property is to remove cluttered spaces and keep the area directly outside of your home or business tidy and well maintained. However, you should never try to remove or treat a black widow infestation on your own. As we said before, these spiders are dangerous and should be avoided if possible. It's best to leave black widow spider treatment and removal up to the professionals.

How Insect IQ Can Help Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

To eliminate black widow spider infestations, our pest control professionals will first perform a comprehensive inspection of your property to locate areas of spider activity. We will then customize a plan for you ensure that the black widows on your property are completely eliminated and address any secondary pests that may be attracting them.

At Insect IQ, our dedicated service technicians are here to provide the highest quality treatment methods available. When you partner with us, we will make it our goal to eliminate your pest problem and keep your property pest-free for years to come. To learn more about how we can help solve your black widow spider problem with our commercial and residential pest control services, give us a call at Insect IQ, Inc. today!


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