What Are Mice?

Mice are small rodents that are typically shades of brown or gray with white underbellies. They have pointed noses, large, round ears, and tails that are about the length of their body, making them about 5 1/2 to 8 inches in length from the tip of their nose to tip of their tail. These small pests are able to fit through very small spaces and have been even been known to squeeze through holes the size of a dime. When mice invade, they usually stay out of sight, which is why some infestations can go unnoticed for an extended length of time. Mice multiply very rapidly, producing around 4 to 10 litters per year with 3 to 14 young per litter.

group of six small mice in a pantry drawer eating cereal

Are Mice Dangerous?

Like other rodents, mice sometimes carry diseases and parasites on their bodies, which can then be transmitted to humans through mutually touched surfaces, bites, and scratches (though these are not common as mice are quite timid), fecal matter, and infected food items. Some mice carry hantavirus, which can develop into Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and be life-threatening. When they find their way inside, mice also carry in a number of parasites including fleas and ticks which can then be passed on to our pets or our families. Additionally, mice often chew on wires, piping, furniture, and several other common items, which is not only destructive, but potentially dangerous as well! Most of the time, people seem to consider mice a nuisance pest, but they can actually pose much more of a threat to your health than some might believe.

Why Do I Have Mice?

Depending on the season, mice invade for several different reasons. Mouse infestations are much more of a common occurrence in the fall and winter as mice are seeking shelter from low temperatures as well as foraging for food in these seasons. However, no matter what season it is, mice are always scavenging for food, making homes and businesses targeted locations for mice. Properties that leave food out for pets or have cluttered spaces and/or open trash bins are more likely to experience problems with mice than properties that don’t have these situations. Sometimes mice invade for warmth. Other times they invade for shelter. But, these rodents most commonly invade for food.

How Can I Prevent Mice?

So you have mice, what now? Well, by far the best preventative measure is to simply contact a pest control professional, but there are a few other things you can do to keep mice from getting into your residential or commercial building. Removing all sources of food is a good start. This means sealing your trash bins, picking up the food you left out overnight for your pets, sealing all food items in airtight containers, and sweeping up any crumbs and spilled food immediately. Generally, reducing the incentive to invade will drastically reduce the number of mice that try to invade. Sealing or closing off the areas that mice are able to enter in through is also a great step to deter invading rodents. Closing doors and windows, repairing gaps or cracks in your foundation, and covering vents properly can all help with preventing mice from getting indoors.

How Insect IQ Can Get Rid Of Mice

Trying to deal with mice on your own will usually end up being unsuccessful. Instead, you should seek the help of a licensed pest professional who knows all the ins and outs of the best mouse-removal techniques. With Insect IQ on your side, you will have a rodent-free property quickly, affordably, and receive services with long-lasting results!

At Insect IQ, our service technicians are specially trained in all areas of pest control, including rodent control and removal.  To rid your property of rodents, our team will come inspect your home or business for rodents or signs of their presence, create a plan of action to best address your situation and fit your budget, and implement comprehensive treatments to ensure their removal. Mice will no longer be a problem when you contact our certified service technicians to get the job done effectively and without any hassle. For quality residential and commercial pest control all year long, reach out to us at Insect IQ!


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