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Smart Pest Solutions For Your Business

When you partner with Insect IQ, you receive protection from a wide variety of pest invaders, big and small. Our certified service technicians will provide your facility with smart pest solutions such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Termidor® control products, and eco-friendly options for pest removal and management. Insect IQ services 150 businesses throughout our California service area. We provide trusted, affordable, and professional pest control programs that keep area businesses running smoothly without the complications that pest invasions can bring. When you partner with Insect IQ, you can rest assured knowing your business is protected!

What To Expect From Insect IQ

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No matter what industry you work in, we can formulate a pest control plan specific to your needs. Whether your facility is an office building, restaurant, retail shop, apartment complex, or other business, we've got you covered. You can rest easy when the licensed pest experts at Insect IQ are on the job!

When your partner with us, we will make sure our pest control treatments are specially tailored to meet the requirements of your business environment. With the wide range of service plans we offer as well as our effective inspections and quality customer support, Insect IQ, Inc. makes pest control easy! Our process is streamlined to suit the needs of your unique commercial space.

At Insect IQ, we provide businesses with:

  • Affordable quality pest control options

  • Advanced baiting techniques

  • Open communication

  • Barcoding options for each bait station, fly lights, or trap

  • Detailed customizable trend analysis reports

  • Corrective action reports

  • Variety of other reports to satisfy 3rd party auditors such as SQF®, AIB®, etc.

To keep your business running smoothly, quality pest protection services are an absolute necessity. No one wants to have customers turning away due to mice or cockroaches that have been spotted in their facility. And in this day and age, all it takes in one bad review to stop others from visiting your establishment, especially reviews that have to do with pest sightings. However, at Insect IQ, we ensure that our experts treat your pest problems as quickly and effectively as possible to help keep your doors open for business.

Facilities We Service

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Apartment Buildings

Making sure the people living in your apartment complex continue living there happily can be quite a daunting task. Add a pest problem to the mix, and things can get even more complicated. But when you choose Insect IQ, you choose a pest control provider that cares about you and your customers. Our list of comprehensive pest solutions is perfect for apartments!

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Educational Facilities

The last thing you want in your school building is pests disrupting classes and posing a threat to the students. Keep your classes flowing smoothly and your students happy and healthy by partnering with us at Insect IQ! With our Integrated Pest Management services and effective treatments, we can ensure that your students and staff have a pest-free environment to thrive in.

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Keeping pest invaders out of warehouses and other storage facilities can be quite a difficult process, but it doesn't have to be! At Insect IQ, we provide a wide range of specialized pest control services to eliminate current pest problems as well as prevent future infestations. With the help of our pest experts, you can maintain a pest-free environment in your workplace.

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Office Buildings

Having a pest-free space is a major part of running a successful operation. That is also the truth with office buildings! To keep unwanted pest invaders from causing problems in your business and threatening the health of your employees, partner with us at Insect IQ! With our IPM strategies and comprehensive treatment plans, we can ensure your office space remains pest-free!

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Healthcare Facilities

When running a medical business, keeping your hospital or medical office sanitary should be your number one priority. But the presence of unsanitary pests inside your establishment can subject those who visit or work in your facility to harmful illnesses. However, when you partner with us at Insect IQ, we can take preventative measures against pests before that can happen!

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Having pests in your kitchen is a surefire way to leave your business with negative customer reviews and even the possibility of being shut down, neither of which do any good for your business opportunity! With advanced treatment methods that include baiting and targeting services, Insect IQ will keep pests out, foiling their chance to ruin your commercial business's reputation.

Eliminating Pests Means More Business

When you partner with the professionals here at Insect IQ, you'll never have to worry about pests ruining your company's reputation. With our quality pest control solutions and top-of-the-line customer service combined with our strong work ethic and genuine care for our customers' needs, Insect IQ is your best option for eco-friendly and affordable pest control services. Attract more customers with a clean, pest-free environment by partnering with a pest control company you can trust!

What Sets Insect IQ Apart

At Insect IQ, we have been providing businesses in California with quality care and pest control services since 2003. We have been growing our reputation and trust with our customers for several years now, and have worked hard to get where we are today. When you choose Insect IQ, Inc. as your commercial pest control provider, you can trust us to get the job done efficiently, affordably, and effectively, with no stress or hassle on your part. Our hardworking team is dedicated to solving your pest problems and providing you and your customers with a pest-free experience, no matter what pests you're dealing with or how large or small of an infestation you have.

Some benefits to choosing Insect IQ include:

  • Certified and trusted by 150+ commercial facilities

  • Effective and affordable treatment and control options

  • Family owned and operated company

  • Green and eco-friendly service options

  • Service that goes above and beyond normal expectations

No matter what pest invader is causing problems in your business, Insect IQ, Inc. will work with you to find a solution. Our service technicians will develop and implement a customized pest control solution that provides you with the long-lasting results you would expect from a trusted and certified pest control provider.


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