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cat flea on skin

The Dangers Of Fleas In Your Modesto Home

December 31, 2020

Are you more of an outdoor or an indoor pet type of person? If you enjoy the shelter of your home and cozying up next to the tv over a long hike in the woods, you probably prefer your furry friends to stay indoors. If nothing revitalizes you more than a walk in the crisp air of fall, then chances are you lean towards letting your pets enjoy nature as much as possible. Maybe you are the type of person that doesn’t like pets at all and pre... Read More

bed bug infestation

A Handy Bed Bug Prevention Guide For Modesto Property Owners

December 15, 2020

Have you ever had a nightmare experience with a hotel? The deal looked great online, but when you show up, you find a spot of black mold above the toilet, unwashed sheets on the bed, and a vending machine that only dishes out diet soda despite you clearly pressing the button for tea. As horrifying as this scenario sounds, there is another nightmare hotel experience that takes the cake. We are talking about bed bugs. These small parasitic pests... Read More

a bed bug crawling indoors

Are Bed Bugs In My Modesto Home Dangerous?

October 30, 2020

Bed bugs are notorious for ‘getting around’ in this part of the world, traipsing from hotel to bus stop to airport on the backs of unwitting humans. Many Modesto homeowners a are asking the same question: “Are bed bugs dangerous and what does that mean for me?”... Read More

a mouse contaminating food in a kitchen

Why You Can't Get Mice Out Your Modesto Home On Your Own

September 30, 2020

When temperatures begin dropping, it’s a sign that summer is on its way out and you can finally stop blasting the air conditioner at full power. It’s also a sign that new (old) pests are making themselves known again. Perhaps the most frustrating of them all are they mice that decide they want to make your house their home.... Read More

a wolf spider up close on the ground

Foolproof Guide To Wolf Spider Control For Your Modesto Property

September 15, 2020

Spiders are synonymous with having eight legs, using webs, and having potentially painful bites for anything that comes across its path. This is for good reason since that description applies to most spiders. However, some like the wolf spider, act a little differently from the rest, which only highlights the importance of understanding them.... Read More

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