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Natural Scents that Repel Bed Bugs In Modesto, CA

October 22, 2021

If you are worried about bed bugs, you are not alone. Many people fear a bed bug infestation because it can happen to anyone and not just homes that are considered “dirty.” This is because bed bugs are usually picked up by unsuspecting people in public places, while traveling, or on used items.

While there are some precautions you can take, such as inspecting your belongings and limiting the second-hand items you bring inside, there is still a chance bed bugs can arrive with these items. This is especially true for people living in a multi-unit building because bed bugs can move between units, so even if you do everything right, your neighbors can cause an infestation.

Because of how unpredictable bed bug infestations are, many people will turn to natural preventative like essential oils and other natural scents. But before you go spending all your money on essential oils, you should hear what the pros have to say about protecting your Modesto, California, home against bed bugs.

bed bug and larvae on a bed

Are Essential Oils Effective Against Bed Bugs?

There is a lot of talk and claims about what essential oil can and can’t do. When it comes to bed bugs, there is no room for guesswork because an infestation can become overwhelming in no time. Performing the wrong treatments in a bedbug-infested home can leave you and your family distraught.

Instead, listen to what the USDA found during a study that tested the effectiveness of essential oils and bed bugs. The study showed that essential oils were barely effective for bed bugs but that this pest does aversion to blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil.

Professionals don’t recommend only using essential oils to prevent bed bugs but instead, use them as added protection while implementing other non-chemical preventatives and treatments.

What Are Other Natural Bed Bug Control Methods?

While many chemical methods can control and prevent bed bugs, many people still prefer non-chemical alternatives. Luckily, there is a non-chemical treatment that even professionals trust and use regularly.

This treatment uses a combination of high heat and freezing temperatures to kill bed bugs at all life stages. Professionals have their own methods for these treatments, but you can utilize them at home to aid in prevention and elimination. Here are four temperature methods:

1. Place items in a sealed bag into the freezer for several days. The freezer must be below zero degrees.

2. Run items through the dryer on the highest heat seating,

3. Place a sealed bag of infested items in a hot car if you live in an area that gets hot enough.

4. Use a high-temperature steamer on large items and around your home.

As tempting as it might be to handle an infestation on your own, you are better off leaving the bed bugs to the experts.

How Can Professionals Help Me With Bed Bugs?

No matter how much heat you use or if you turn to chemical products, you will most likely still have an issue getting rid of bed bugs. This is, unfortunately, the way it is with this tiny parasite. However, hope is not lost when you have Insect IQ, Inc. on your side. If your Modesto, California home has bed bugs, you should contact us for assistance. 

Our professional team of experts has the knowledge and tools needed to ensure you have a bed-bug-free living environment. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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