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Our smart pest control service is designed to protect your Central Valley home from invading pests that threaten your health, safety, and peace of mind.  After we inspect your property and identify the pests, we’ll customize a service program for your home.
Our smart service goes beyond the typical foundation spray approach.  Our treatments include not only your home, but your property as well.  We’ll treat areas such as the roof eaves, foundation, walkways, driveways, mowstrip, flowerbeds, fencline, lawn, shrubs, property line, and anywhere else pests may hide.  We wipe away webs and knock down wasp nests found in the eves, doorways, window frames, porches, & fenceline.  If you require treamtent inside the home or garage, that’s included at no additional charge.

Complimenatry Extras:

  • Web/Wasp nest removal on 1st & 2nd story eaves & fenceline

  • Free pre-notification call prior to each visit

  • Regular days-always know when we’re coming

  • Exterior flea & tick control

  • Rat & mouse control – baiting, trapping, etc.

  • Carefull attention to the yard – not just the home

  • Well trained helpful technician. . .complete with a smile!

Worried about the chemicals? Ask about our 100% ORGANIC options!


Whether your business is a sprawling warehouse, retail space, healthcare facility, restaurant, or office space, we have the solution to eliminate any current infestations, and prevent future out-breaks.

  • Customized service programs to fit your specific needs

  • Flexible scheduling – we’ll stay out of your way

  • Excellent record keeping so that you’re compliant

  • Local references available upon request

Call today for a free inspection & estimate on a customized service program!!

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