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Yellow Jackets, Paper wasps, & Bald faced hornets can be very bothersome and, in the case of small children & allergic individuals, sometimes dangerous.  These flying, stinging pests can be found in Modesto, Tracy, Manteca, Riverbank, Oakdale, and throughout the Central Valley.  Our comprehensive pest control service program includes treatment for these pests.  While nothing short of an enormous “mosquito net” over your entire property will keep them completely out of your yard, we are able to drastically reduce the population and prevent many of them from calling your home their home.  As part of our pest control service program, we will inpsect the eaves, bushes, and fence lines for nests and nesting sites.  We will remove the existing nests and then apply a strong repellent liquid and/or dust product to discourage future infestations.  We also have the ability to target individual roof shingles/tiles.  Wasps especially love to nest under hard to reach Spanish tiles.  Don’t worry, we can still get to them and eliminate their nests!  For more details on how our pest control service program can control those unwanted flying visitors, call us today!

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