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Some pests are merely annoying.  Others may sting or bite.  A few even cause structural damage.  Then there’s the cockroach.  A filthy, germ ridden, nasty little insect capable of shutting down a restaurant, irritating asthma sufferers, spreading sickness and bacteria, and making even a starving man consider turning down a meal.  In Modesto and throughout the Central Valley, there are several key species of roaches.  Namely, the American roach, the German roach, the Turkistan roach, the Field or Vaga roach, and the Oriental roach.  Identification is the key to control.  All roaches are not to be treated equally.  As part of our roach control program or our pest control service program we will find, identify and control any species or roach on your property.  We employ a variety of control methods ranging from liquid applications to baits, dusts, and/or granules.  As a courtesy, we would be happy to visit your property, identify the roaches you may be encountering, and give you a fast free quote, including treatment options to choose from.  To ask us any questions by phone or to schedule an on-site inspection and quote, call us today!

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